GB5HQ - 20m CW - 2006

Andy G3AB, Nigel G3TXF, John G4IRN, Gerry G0RTN operating from near Woolacombe, North Devon

A hearty breakfast before the 2006 IARU contest/GB5HQNigel G3TXF, Andy G3AB, Gerry G0RTN and John G4IRN. Gerry G0RTN luffing up a tower supporting an ancient Hy-Gain 204BA 4el 20m beam for use by GB5HQ.
"Got the tee-shirt" Andy G3AB operates 20m CW suitably attired for the 2006 IARU Contest which coincided with WRTC-2006! John G4IRN (the computer supremo at 20m CW) checks out the operation of the main station on 20m CW at GB5HQ.
Pre-GB5HQ preparations for 20m CW included the careful greasing of numerous cables and pulleys by Nigel G3TXF. "Mult-passing in action": John G4IRN passes Andy G3AB a Post-It note with info on a station coming to the 20m CW run frequency.
Outside in the North Devon breezes after the IARU contest : Gerry G0RTN, John G4IRN, Janet xyl-G4IRN, Anneliese xyl-G3TXF and Andy G3AB. Three masts visible in background.
Two 3-el and one 4-el yagis on 80ft towers. The 2 x 3-el are shown pointing (in parallel) to the USA and the 4-el towards South America. The thirty-six guys are tied to eight stakes.
A small receive-only spotting antenna (25 ft vertical) was positioned some 300ft from the main 20m antennas and provided virtually interference free monitoring of all the other bands. Lundy Island can just be seen on the horizon right behind the vertical.
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