GB7HQ - 2008 - 20m CW station

Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG, John G4IRN : operating from near Woolacombe, North Devon

Two 4el 20m beams were temporarily installed especially for the 2008 GB7HQ operation YouTube Video

Ian G3WVG shoots video while John G4IRN operates 20m CW. Ian G3WVG and John G4IRN get ready for the start of GB7HQ.
John G4IRN towards the end of the GB7HQ on 20m CW. Ian G3WVG awaits pre-GB7HQ breakfast (one tower thru window)
Ian G3WVG fixes the first director to the second beam. First beam is in background. Nigel G3TXF winches up the first of the two 4el 20m beams on 80ft mobile trailers. Ian G3WVG tapes up the coax to the boom of the first 20m beam.
Just out of the box : new 4-el 20m beam shining in the sky. John G4IRN and Ian G3WVG at the 20m CW operator position.
20m beam in the light of the setting sun Nigel G3TXF turns the handle many times Two 4el beams : one on EU, one on USA
Ian G3WVG pre-assembles the first of two M2 beams in the wind. Lubricating the Versatower cables takes time
Generously lubricated luffing pulley on Versatower. Lubricated hoisting pulley on Versatower.
Lubricating all the cables is fiddly even with a paint-brush. Lubricated luffing winch on Versatower.
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