G3TXF's QSL'ing .... use only OQRS, please!
1. Online QSL Request Service : OQRS

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to receive a Direct QSL is to use the excellent OQRS on Club Log. Club Log's OQRS can also be used for requesting a Bureau card, without the need to send your QSL through the Bureau first.

Below are the
Club Log OQRS links for many callsigns and DX-peditions. Use the link to go to the Club Log page, put in your own callsign and then press "Request QSL". You can then choose to receive your QSLs either via the Bureau or Direct. All operations are shown alphabetically by callsign in the lower table.

Please do not send me your cards - they are not needed - thanks! No cards through the Bureau .... No cards through the Post. Only use OQRS to request your card.

All DX Operations - in CALLSIGN order

Callsign Date Info Club Log OQRS links.....
3B8/G3TXF Mar 17 Mauritius OQRS for 3B8/G3TXF
3B8XF Mar 18, Mar 19, Mar 20 Mauritius OQRS for 3B8XF
3B9/G3TXF Feb 07 Rodriguez OQRS for 3B9/G3TXF
3DA/G3TXF Oct 92 Swaziland OQRS for 3DA/G3TXF
3V8NC Jul 69 Tunisia OQRS for 3V8NC
4X/G3TXF May 15 Israel OQRS for 4X/G3TXF
5B/G3TXF Mar 23 Cyprus LoTW Only, sorry no cards
5T5NC Oct 80 Mauritania OQRS for 5T5NC
6W/G3TXF Feb 14 Senegal OQRS for 6W/G3TXF
6Y8XF Mar 09 Jamaica OQRS for 6Y8XF
8Q7XF Apr 88 Maldives OQRS for 8Q7XF
9H3TF Dec 06 Malta OQRS for 9H3TF
C21XF Sep 05 Mauritania OQRS for C21XF
C56/G3TXF Feb 89 Gambia OQRS for C56/G3TXF
CR3G Jul 17 Madeira OQRS for CR3G
CT8/G3TXF Sep 12 Corvo EU-089 OQRS for CT8/G3TXF
CT9/G3TXF Feb 17 Madeira OQRS for CT9/G3TXF
CU4/G3TXF Feb 04 Graciosa EU-175 OQRS for CU4/G3TXF
CU7/G3TXF Apr 05 Faial EU-175 OQRS for CU7/G3TXF
E6GG Sep 15 Niue OQRS for E6GG
EA8/G3TXF Feb 14 Canary Islands OQRS for EA8/G3TXF
EA9/G3TXF Jun 11 Melilla OQRS for EA9/G3TXF
ER/G3TXF Jun 15 Moldova OQRS for ER/G3TXF
FG/G3TXF Oct 99 Les Saintes NA-114 OQRS for FG/G3TXF
FH/G3TXF Jan 00 Mayotte OQRS for FH/G3TXF
FH/G3TXF Jan 06 Mayotte OQRS for FH/G3TXF
FJ/G3TXF Oct 98 St Barthélémy NA-146 OQRS for FJ/G3TXF
FJ/G3TXF Jan 08 St Barthélémy NA-146 OQRS for FJ/G3TXF
FK/G3TXF Mar 09 New Caledonia OQRS for FK/G3TXF
FM/G3TXF Nov 00 Martinique OQRS for FM/G3TXF
FP/G3TXF Sep 06 Miquelon OQRS for FP/G3TXF
FS/G3TXF/p Mar 03 Tintamarre NA-199 OQRS for FS/G3TXF/p
FW/G3TXF May 00 Wallis OQRS for FW/G3TXF
FY/G3TXF Jun 07 French Guyana OQRS for FY/G3TXF
G0AAA/p Jun 97, Jun 01, Jun 09 England - Field Day .
G3TXF Feb 65 onwards to Oct 2020 Home Call OQRS for G3TXF
G3TXF/OE9 1981, 1982, 1983 Vorarlberg .
GD0AAA/p Jun 00 Isle of Man - Field Day OQRS for GD0AAA/p
GD3TXF Nov 69, Apr 70, May 81, Aug 90 Isle of Man .
GI0AAA/p Jun 12 Northern Ireland - Field Day OQRS for GI0AAA/p
GI3TXF/p Jun 12 Northern Ireland OQRS for GI3TXF/p
GJ0AAA/p Jun 98 Jersey - Field Day OQRS for GJ0AAA/p
GJ3TXF May 13 Jersey Island OQRS for GJ3TXF
GM0AAA/p Jun 03, Jun 04 Scotland - Field Day .
GM3TXF/p Nov 01, Nov 15 Scotland OQRS for GM3TXF/p
GM4S Jul 15 Shetland EU-012 OQRS for GM4S
GO3TXF Jul 12 Olympics OQRS for GO3TXF
GQ3TXF Jun 02 Queen's Jubilee OQRS for GQ3TXF
GR3TXF Apr 11, May 18 Royal Weddings OQRS for GR3TXF
GS0AAA Jul 15 Shetland EU-012 OQRS for GS0AAA
GU0AAA/p Jun 05, Jun 05 Guernsey - Field Day OQRS for GU0AAA/p
GU3TXF Nov 81, Nov 82 Alderney OQRS for GU3TXF
GW0AAA/p Jun 99, Sep 06, Jun 07, Sep 07, Jun 08, Sep 12 Wales - Field Day OQRS for GW0AAA/p
GX0AAA Nov 94, Nov 95 Multi-Op CQWW CW OQRS for GX0AAA
H44XF May 91, Jul 95 Solomons OQRS for H44XF
HB0/G3TXF/p Oct 13 Leichtenstein OQRS for HB0/G3TXF/p
IN3/G3TXF/p Oct 13 Süd Tirol, Italy OQRS for IN3/G3TXF/p
J3/G3TXF Nov 00 Greneda OQRS for J3/G3TXF
J3G Nov 00 Greneda OQRS for J3G
J79XF Mar 16 Dominica OQRS for J79XF
J88XF Feb 09 Mayreau NA-025 OQRS for J88XF
JW/G3TXF Nov 07 Svalbard OQRS for JW/G3TXF
KH2/G3TXF Aug 03 Guam OQRS for KH2/G3TXF
LA/G0AAA Jul 16 Lofoten EU-076 OQRS for LA/G0AAA
LA/G3TXF Jul 16 Lofoten EU-076 OQRS for LA/G3TXF
M5A Feb 06, Feb 10, Mar 10, Oct 10, etc etc Contest Call OQRS for M5A
M5B Feb 10, Mar 10, Oct 10, Oct 13, etc, etc Contest Call OQRS for M5B
MC5A Jul 23 Contest Call OQRS for MC5A
MJ5A Nov 21 Contest Call OQRS for MJ5A
MN5A Jul 19 Contest Call OQRS for MN5A
MP5A Jul 21 Contest Call OQRS for MP5A
MU5A Dec 21 Contest Call LoTW Only, sorry no cards
MW5A Nov 02, Nov 03, Nov 04, Nov 05, Dec 12 Contest Call OQRS for MW5A
MW5B Nov 10, Nov 11, Feb 17, Nov 19, Nov 21 Contest Call OQRS for MW5B
MX5A Jul 18, Jan 20 Contest Call OQRS for MX5A
MZ5A Nov 01, Nov 06, Jul 13, Nov 15, Nov 16 Contest Call OQRS for MZ5A
MZ5B Nov 07, Nov 09, Nov 12, Nov 13, Nov 15, Nov 16 Contest Call OQRS for MZ5B
OE5/G3TXF Mar 08, Feb 11 Wels OQRS for OE5/G3TXF
OE5TXF Oct 19, Nov 20 onwards Austria  OQRS for OE5TXF
OE9/G3TXF Feb 01, Aug 03, Feb 04 Vorarlberg OQRS for OE9/G3TXF
OE9TXF Oct 19 Vorarlberg, Austria  OQRS for OE9TXF
OJ0R Jul 12 Market Reef OQRS for OJ0R
OJ0R Aug 12, Oct 12 Market Reef OQRS for OJ0R
OK/G3TXF/p Oct 13 Czech Republic OQRS for OK/G3TXF/p
OX/G3TXF Nov 08 Greenland OQRS for OX/G3TXF
OX5AA Nov 08 Greenland OQRS for OX5AA
OY/G3TXF Jul 07 Faeroes OQRS for OY/G3TXF
P29XF Oct 04 Loloata OC-240 OQRS for P29XF
PA/G3TXF/p Oct 13 Schouwen-Duiveland EU-146 OQRS for PA/G3TXF/p
PJ2/G3TXF Aug 07 Curaçao OQRS for PJ2/G3TXF
PJ2/G3TXF Sep 13 Curaçao SA-099 OQRS for PJ2/G3TXF
PJ2G Aug 07 Curaçao OQRS for PJ2G
PJ4/G3TXF Sep 13 Bonaire OQRS for PJ4/G3TXF
PJ6/G3TXF Dec 15 Saba OQRS for PJ6/G3TXF
PJ7/G3TXF Dec 13 Sint Maarten OQRS for PJ7/G3TXF
S79TXF Jan 00 Seychelles OQRS for S79TXF
SG3TXF/1 Apr 17 Gotland OQRS for SG3TXF-1
SV5/G3TXF Oct 10 Rhodes OQRS for SV5/G3TXF
SV9/G3TXF Oct 10 Crete OQRS for SV9/G3TXF
TF/G3TXF Jul 14 Grímsey EU-168 OQRS for TF/G3TXF
TJ2P Apr 78 Cameroon No OQRS
TJ3G Mar 04 Cameroon OQRS for TJ3G
TX4T Feb 10 Fr Polynesia OQRS for TX4T
TX6G Mar 14 Australes OQRS for TX6G
TX6T Jan 12 Fr Polynesia OQRS for TX6T
TX6T/p Feb 12 Gambier Is OC-063 OQRS for TX6T/p
UT/G3TXF May 11 Ukraine OQRS for UT/G3TXF
V5/G3TXF Mar 15 Namibia OQRS for V5/G3TXF
V63TXF Aug 03 Micronesia OQRS for V63TXF
V63TXF/p Aug 03 Ulithi Atoll OC-078 OQRS for V63TXF/p
V25XF Mar 07 Antigua OQRS for V25XF
V5/G3TXF Mar 15 Namibia OQRS for V5/G3TXF
V85XF Sep 92, Sep 93 Brunei OQRS for V85XF
VK4/G3TXF Apr 09 Queensland OQRS for VK4/G3TXF
VK9CXF May 01 Cocos Keeling OQRS for VK9CXF
VK9N/G3TXF Apr 09 Norfolk OQRS for VK9N/G3TXF
VK9XG Oct 18 Christmas Island OQRS for VK9XG
VP2EN Oct 73, Mar 03 Anguilla OQRS for VP2EN
VP2MXF Mar 11 Montserrat OQRS for VP2MXF
VP5/G3TXF Mar 08 Turks & Caicos OQRS for VP5/G3TXF
VP6T Jan 12 Pitcairn OQRS for VP6T
VP9/G3TXF Mar 04 Bermuda OQRS for VP9/G3TXF
VQ5XF Mar 08 Turks & Caicos OQRS for VQ5XF
XR0YG Mar 13 Easter Island OQRS for XR0YG
XX9TXF Oct 94 Taipa AS-075 OQRS for XX9TXF
YJ0TXF Mar 09 Aore OC-035 OQRS for YJ0TXF
YK9G Apr 08 Syria OQRS for YK9G
YS1G May 09 El Salvador OQRS for YS1G
YU8/G3TXF Feb 08 Serbia OQRS for YU8/G3TXF
Z60K Sep 12 Kosovo OQRS for Z60K
ZB2/G3TXF Jan 06 Gibraltar OQRS for ZB2/G3TXF
ZC4TXF Aug 92 SBA Cyprus OQRS for ZC4TXF
ZD7XF Jun 11, Mar 12 St Helena OQRS for ZD7XF
ZD8XF Feb 12 Ascension OQRS for ZD8XF
ZD9XF Sep 14 Tristan da Cunha OQRS for ZD9XF
ZF2XF Mar 13, Mar 14 Cayman Islands OQRS for ZF2XF
ZL7/G3TXF Sep 01 Chatham OQRS for ZL7/G3TXF
ZL7G Oct 16 Chatham Island OQRS for ZL7G

2. Direct QSLs

Please do not send QSLs through the post. Just use OQRS to request your Direct QSL. It's cheaper, simpler and faster.

3. Bureau QSLs

Please do not send QSLs through the Bureau. Just use OQRS to request your Bureau QSL. It's cheaper, simpler and much much faster!

However cards received through the Bureau will always be answered.

For over twenty years, G3TXF has been sending all out-going Bureau QSLs directly by airmail to the overseas Bureaux. This saves several months in the transit time for Bureau QSLs.

4. LoTW

In mid-2005 G3TXF up-loaded 300,000+ QSOs to LoTW. This included all DX-Trips (and G3TXF home QSOs) since 1990. The logs for all subsequent operations are up-loaded to LoTW immediately after the trip (if not during the operation itself).

Logs for all pre-1990 operations (with just a couple of small exceptions) have also been up-loaded to LoTW, including old logs right back to GD3TXF and 3V8NC in 1969. It was a major task to have these old logs typed up before they could be entered into LoTW.

G3TXF's own home-call logs since the beginning on 5 February 1965 are now also all up-loaded to LoTW.

LoTW is an excellent system, please use it!

5. E-QSLs

Sorry, but G3TXF does not respond to requests for E-QSLs. He is too busy dealing with the real thing!

73 - Nigel G3TXF

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