Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF visit Laurie G3UML - London's top DXer
Ian G3WVG and Laurie G3UML outside Laurie's London NW4 QTH. G3UML's DX antennas are various wires in the trees. But they do get out well! Several coax feeders cross the skyline, as well as a 40m delta-loop.
Station logging the real way .... with a pen and an RSGB paper log book. On this page G3UML has been on 6m. Top DXer Laurie G3UML [DXCC 340 Current and 374 All-Time] at his neat station : FT2000DX and an Italian Expert 1K amp.
Nigel G3TXF, Laurie G3UML and Ian G3WVG at a bus-stop after a lunch out in Hampstead. Laurie G3UML explains to Ian G3WVG: "Here's how it'd done - with an ancient trap dipole..."
G3UML's tri-band centre-fed wire dipole perched in the trees. Three G3s for tea with a Victoria Sponge and a Swiss Roll. Ian G3WVG at G3UML's station in London NW4.
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