Leif OZ1LO - April 2009
Stephan OZ3SM, Hans Jørgen OZ7BQ, Leif OZ1LO, Hans OZ5DX, Poul-Erik OZ4UN and Peter OZ5WQ with the antennas. The 2m and 6m antennas on one of the three towers at the Leif OZ1LO QTH. A full-size 80m GP also sits in the adjacent field.
Hans OZ5DX, Poul-Erik OZ4UN, Leif OZ1LO and Stephan OZ3SM admire OZ1LO's antennas in the fading light. Stephan OZ3SM, Poul-Erik OZ4UN, Hans Jørgen OZ7BQ and Leif OZ1LO at the base of Leif OZ1LO's main tower.
Leif OZ1LO surrounded by radios and computer screens in the combined OZ8RW and OZ1LO shack. Hans OZ5DX takes a look at the impressive and neatly filed OZ1LO QSL collection.
Leif OZ1LO, a long-time DXer, is one of the few to have achieved over 3,000 points in the ARRL DXCC Challenge. Leif OZ1LO still uses old-style ledger-books for his logs. Here Leif is showing his first ever QSO in his original ledger-book style log.
Hans OZ5DX tries out one of the CW paddles in the combined OZ8RW and OZ1LO station. DXers: Leif OZ1LO, Poul-Erik OZ4UN, Peter OZ5WQ, Hans OZ5DX, Jørn OZ8RW, Hans Jørgen OZ7BQ & Stephan OZ3SM.
Top DXer Leif OZ1LO's large collection of DXCC Certificates. One of the several DX trophy displays in the OZ1LO shack.
Leif OZ1LO's brother Jørn OZ8RW has an impressive array of electronics test equipment. Recent entries for April 2009 in the hand-written OZ1LO log-book include YJ0MXJ, VK9N/G3MXJ, VK9N/G3TXF and VK9GMW.
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