G3TXF visits Uganda briefly for DXFC Nr 179 : May 2017
LHR-DOH : Arriving in Doha on Qatar Airways A350 : A7-ALM. Taking off from Doha for Entebbe on Qatar Airways A320 : A7-ADI.
Leaving Doha heading south, bound for Entebbe, Uganda. Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADI at Doha before flight to Entebbe.
Qatar Airways : Doha to Entebbe : on board breakfast : nice. Arriving at Entebbe Airport, near Kampala, Uganda.
Transit area at Entebbe Airport. View from the Lounge of part of the apron at Entebbe airport.
Flight QR 1388 from Entebbe back to Doha is due to leave at 1830. Back on board Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADI for flight back to Doha.
The crumbling airport terminal at Entebbe will soon be replaced by a new airport terminal being built by the Chinese. Qatar Airways plane on the apron at Entebbe airport, near Kampala, Uganda.
Ethiopian Airlines aircraft with Lake Victoria in the background. Entebbe airport is right next to Lake Victoria. Two Ilyushin-76 World Food Programme planes parked at Entebbe. They are used for food drops into neighbouring South Sudan.
Qatar Airways A7-ADI takes off from Entebbe for a flight to Kigali in Rwanda, before returning to Entebbe, and then back to Doha. Qatar Airways A380 A7-APC in Doha getting ready for flight QR11 to London.
The huge wing of the Qatar Airways A380 A7-APC Qatar Airways message about praying on board.
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