CDXC Commitee Meeting - August 2010

The August 2010 CDXC Meeting was held at the Clifton, Bristol QTH of CDXC Digest Editor and RSGB News Reader Martyn G3RFX

Michael G7VJR and Martyn G3RFX discussing CDXC matters over the excellent CDXC Meeting buffet lunch provided by Jane. CDXC Committee Members Chris G3SVL, Tony G4LDL, Michael G7VJR, Gordon G3USR and Neville G3NUG out in the garden.
Martyn G3RFX, Gordon G3USR, Jenny, Chris G3SVL, Jane and Tony G4LDL at the buffet lunch following the CDXC Meeting. "This is the GB2RS News" : Martyn G3RFX has been an 80m RSGB Newsreader for many years. His 80m dipole can be seen.
The G3RFX CDXC Digest Editorial Mobile in its off-road parking spot away from a seriously dug up Richmond Hill in Clifton. The Bristol connection : Nigel G3TXF seen here on the roof of the Royal Fort Physics Building while at the University of Bristol Amateur Radio Society G3KAC - building a three element wire 15m yagi (with bamboo spreaders) for the 1969 ARRL-SSB-Contest.
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