CDXC Dinner - March 2011

50 DXers and XYLs attended the CDXC Chiltern DX Club (UK DX Foundation) Dinner in Wyboston [Photos mostly by Fred G3SVK]

At the top table : Neville G3NUG and Martin G4HKS of ML&S Mark G4AXX and Justin G4TSH
Geoff G4FKA and Ron G4DDX
Chris G0DWV, Audrey xyl G3JNB and Victor G3JNB
Lionel G5LP and Rob G2BKZ CDXC Secretary Tony G4LDL and Glenys G8KWD
Maxine, Nobby G0VJG and ??? Malcolm G3PDH and Roger G3LDI
Bob G3PJT and Kerry G8VR (ex G0LCS) Clive GM3POI and Tony G4LDL
John G3PQA and Martin G3ZAY Colin G3PSM and John G3XHZ
CDXC Digest Editor Martyn G3RFX and Julie yl G3USR Gordon G3USR genuflects in front of other T32C operators
CDXC Treasurer Gordon G3USR and Chairman Chris G3SVL Gary G0FWX and Lionel G5LP
Hilary and Phil G4LWB Gwen G4JYL and John G3WKL
CDXC Chairman G3SVL xyl Jenny and Jane Linda and Nigel G0VDZ
CDXC President G3NUG says a few words from the top table Chris G3SVL and Tony G4LDL check out the new dining room
Michael G7VJR describes several recent DX trips. John G3XHZ with Fred G3SVK who took most of these photos!
Richard G4CGG and Nigel G3TXF
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