CDXC Dinner - March 2016

60 DXers and XYLs attended the CDXC Chiltern DX Club (UK DX Foundation) Dinner near Reading

Peter G3RZP receives a real ten-bob note from Chris G3SVL. Bob MD0CCE and Paul G4CCZ.
Justin G4TSH lectures on operating CQWW CW at K3LR.
Flu-struck Dennis F5VHY makes a brief appearance early on.
Derek G4VWI and Justin G4TSH. Justin G0KSC gave a lecture on antennas.
CDXCers looking at the brand new IC-7300 SDR transceiver. John G3PQA and Don G3XTT get to grips with the latest SDR technology!
Kerry G8VR and Lionel G5LP. "It works like this!"... Tony G2NF explains to David G4HNF.
Robert F5VHN and Gordon G3USR. Trevor 2E0LDZ, Uri G0BBB and Derek G4VWI.
Martin G4HKS, John RSGB Pres G3WKL and Paul G4CCZ. Rob G2BKZ and Ron G4DDX.
Jan and Lionel G5LP. Graham 2E0SSL and xyl Julie.
Uri G0BBB and Trevor 2E0LDZ. Don G3XTT, Janet xyl/G3XTT, Martin G4HKS and Paul G4CCZ.
Georgina, Mark M0DXR, Marilyn xyl/G3WRO and Keith G3WRO. Paul G3WYW, Chris G3SVL and Peter G3OJV.
Sue xyl/G3OJV, Jenny xyl/G3SVL and Coley xyl/G0KSC. Stuart M1SMH and Derek G4XEE.
Robert F5VHN and Martin M0BCT and Stuart M1SMH. Derek G4XEE and Charlie G0SKA and Arlene xyl/G2NF.
David G3WGN, Julie xyl/G3USR, Julian G4EHN, John G3PQA and Kerry G8VR. Guy G3ZHL, Derek G4VWI, Peter G8BCG, Gordon G3USR and Justin G4TSH.
Chris G3SVL introduces the after-dinner speaker..... .... Peter G3RZP
The laughing table : Don G3XTT, Janet xyl/G3XTT, Martin G4HKS and Paul G4CCZ. Peter G3RZP gives his amusing after CDXC-dinner speech.
Gordon G3USR and Martin M0BCT. Tony G4LDL, Clive GM3POI and Ian G3YBY
Tony G2NF (ex-G0OPB), David G4HNF and Clive GM3POI. Ian G3YBY, Jenny xyl/G3SVL, Martin G4HKS, Gordon G3USR and David G3WGN.
Paul G4CCZ, Justin G4TSH and David G3WGN. Flying the CDXC flag at the CDXC Dinner in Calcot near Reading : Chris G3SVL, Bob MD0CCE and Tony G4LDL.
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