CDXC AGM and Summer Social at G3NUG's Herefordshire QTH : Saturday 18 July 2009
"All in favour, say Aye" Democracy at work during a packed CDXC AGM. The CDXC AGM is held prior to the Summer Social. Retiring CDXC Chairman John G3LAS receives a CDXC plaque after completing eight years in office.
Martin G4HKS, Bob G3PJT, Mike 5B4AGX, Barry G4RKO, Chris G3SVL and Neville G3NUG, with RSGB President Colin G3PSM just visible holding the door in the background.
Chris G3SVL presents Trish with flowers under the watchful eye of CDXC Chairman John G3LAS.
Chris G3SVL CDXC Secretary runs the well-attended CDXC AGM. Front: G3WPH, G3PQA, G3KWK, G4OCO, G3LZQ and 5B4AFB. The new G3NUG Antenna Farm is taking shape : two towers up. Force 12 C31XR on one tower. What's going on the other one?
Martin G3ZAY, Nigel G4KIU, Peter G3ZSS, Mike G1FON, Bob MD0CCE, Michael G7VJR and Roger G4OCO on a field-trip to review developments at the G3NUG Antenna Farm. Viv G4PLY and Alan G4DZW visiting the G3NUG shack.
Tony G3LAA wins the star prize (a Yeasu FT-450 transceiver kindly donated by Paul G3WYW of Yaesu UK) from Chris G3SVL Editorial office run-about : CDXC Digest Editor Martyn G3RFX's new callsign number plate was spotted in the large field car park.
Woofferton detour : The three photos below are not G3NUG's new Antenna Farm, but are some of the antennas at the Woofferton HF Broadcast site located near Ludlow in Shropshire, not far from the G3NUG QTH in Herefordshire. Although originally built by the BBC the site was used primarily as a relay station for the Voice of America's services to Eastern Europe: "VOA Woofferton"
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