CDXC AGM and Summer Social at G3NUG's Herefordshire QTH : Saturday 17 July 2010
The CDXC AGM is held prior to the Summer Social - to the left. The CDXC AGM is held prior to the Summer Social - in the middle.
Chris G3SVL presents Chris G3SJJ with the LF Challenge Cup
The CDXC AGM is held prior to the Summer Social - to the right.
Chris G3SVL presents party hostess Trish with flowers. Front row includes: Steve G3ZVW, John G3LAS, Mark G4AXX and just recently returned WRTC 2010 Judge Don G3XTT
High-powered delegation from Wales : Steve GW4BLE, Steve GW4BKG, Ross GW3NWS, Rob GW0RYT and Glyn GW0ANA. Neville G3NUG makes the presentation of a thank-you plaque to CDXC's retiring number-cruncher Nigel G3TXF.
Don G3BJ, Hilary G4JKS and "What a banger" Neville G3NUG Max M0GHQ distributes a much welcome supply of antenna paste.
Mike G3WPH, Mike VP8NO (who came all the way from the Falklands to attend the AGM), Chris G3SJJ and Dave G4BUO. Linear Amplifier man in Wales : Ross GW3NWS delivers a recently repaired Alpha ready for the journey back to its owner Ian G3WVG.
Steve GW4BLE takes a shot of CDXC President Neville G3NUG The table of Raffle Prizes including the star-prize Yaesu FT-450
Steve G4EDG and Justin G4TSH survey the CDXC Raffle prizes Fine dry weather allowed the Summer Social guests to sit outside
Bob G3PLP wins the Raffle star-prize : a FT-450 transceiver kindly donated by Yaesu UK, with Neville G3NUG and Chris G3SVL. Consolation prize winners: Steve G3ZVW and John G3LZQ. "So what's yours then, Steve? Mine's a garden hose"
Nick G3RWF and John G3LAS were among the 100+ guests More time for DX-ers' tales outside in the Herefordshire sun-shine.
Bench talk. Outside chatter. To the right Glyn GW0ANA is talking to Dave G4BUO who was part of the UK's successful WRTC-2010 Team.
"Now, HOW much did you say those raffle tickets cost, Neville?" Bob MD0CCE with raffle salesman Neville G3NUG. [Foto : GW4BLE] Viv G4PLY, Nigel G3TXF and Neil G4NQQ [Foto : GW4BLE]
This year the marquee served as a sun-shade, rather than in its more usual role of general purpose umbrella. Geoff G4FKA (with Mike 5B4AGX looking on) bids farewell to Neville G3NUG at the end of the 2010 CDXC Summer Social
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