CDXC AGM and Summer Social : Saturday 18 July 2015 : Wing Village Hall
CDXC AGM : Chris G3SVL and Neville G3NUG. Michael G7VJR receives CQ "Hall of Fame" award.
Charles M0OXO collects award on behalf of Rob MW0RLJ. CDXC AGM : Chris G3SVL and Martin G3ZAY.
Charles M0OXO, Roger G3SXW and Tim M0URX.
CDXC Summer Social outside Wing village hall.
Mark G4AXX and Jim G3RTE. Chris G3SVL and the CDXC Martyn G3RFX Award for 2015.
G3NUG : CDXC's driving force for the past twenty plus years. Bob G3PJT : "...Roger you're talking complete nonsense..."
Chris G3SVL, Mike G3WPH and David G3WGN. Victor G3JNB with Jim G3RTE, Tony G4LDL and Mark G4AXX.
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