CDXC AGM and Summer Social : Saturday 16 July 2016 : Wing Village Hall
CDXC AGM : Chris G3SVL with the Martyn G3RFX Award. Nick G3RWF presents "CQ Hall of Fame" to Roger G3KMA.
Chris G3SVL presents the 2015 Hinson Trophy to Jens M0INN, who is accepting it on behalf of Martin G3ZAY. "Speak up .. can't hear you" say Don G3BJ and Tony G4LDL!
Martin M0BCT has just received the 2015 HF Challenge Chairman's Cup. Michael G7VJR and Bob MD0CCE. Nigel G3TXF accepting the 2016 Tindle Cup on behalf of Bob WX4G.
Eating outside Wing Village Hall. Attending CDXC AGM inside the Wing Village Hall.
Paul G4CCZ and Martin G4HKS. Falklanders : John VP8KF, Heather VP8OD and Mike VP8NO.
Jamie 2E0SDV and Martin G6VMR. Charles M0OXO and Paul 2E1AYS collect "TXF QSL" boxes.
Nick G3RWF, Phil ZL3PAH and Dennis F5VHY/G3MXJ. Justin G4TSH and Maury W3EL.
Colin G3PSM and Don G3BJ in deep thought. Nick "that's my Juma amp!" G3RWF and Mike G3WPH.
Roger G0BSU, Andrew G8GNI, John GW4SKA, Chris G8APB and Roger G3LDI discussing merits of Creed 7B teleprinters. Dennis F5VHY (CDXC Digest Editor) and Dave G3YMC discuss the best way to snag a QSO using QRP in a DX pile-up.
Derek G4VWI and David G3YYD. Roger G3KMA and Bob MD0CCE.
Roger G3KMA and RSGB President Nick G3RWF. John G3LAS and Gordon G3USR.
Jens M0INN, Simon G7SOZ and Owen G0PHY. Derek G3RAU and Paul G4CCZ.
Inside the Wing Village Hall ... ideal for the CDXC AGM. Gordon G3USR, Julie and IOTA DX-peditioner Dave EI9FBB.
Colin G3PSM and Mike VP8NO. "Here's the winning ticket for the star prize..." Chris G3SVL.
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