CDXC AGM and Summer Social : Saturday 24 June 2017 : Wing Village Hall
CDXC AGM and Summer Social was held in Wing, Rutland. Roger G3KMA updates the meeting on IOTA developments.
Caption Competition ! : Please suggest suitable caption to Chris G3SVL, CDXC Chairman ...... Roger G3LDI receives CDXC salvers from Chris G3SVL.
Tony G4LDL reads the CDXC Secretary's Report at the AGM. Gordon G3USR is clearly enjoying the 2017 CDXC AGM in Wing, Rutland. Andrew G8GNI, CDXC Treasurer runs through the year's figures.
Derek G3RAU, John G3WGV, David G3WGN, David G3UNA and David G3YYD listening attentively during the AGM.
CDXC The UK DX Foundation banner. Dom M1KTA accepting the Penallt Trophy on behalf of Martin G3ZAY.
Don G3XTT receives the "G3RFX Award" on behalf of Mike G3WPH for Mike's Digest article on the ZL7G DX-pedition. Tony G4LDL outside Wing Village Hall. Martin M0BCT receiving the CDXC's Hinson trophy.
Mike 5B4AGX / G4PFF collects the Tindle Cup on behalf of Norman 5B4AIF. Chris G3SVL presents CDXC salvers to Andy M0NKR.
John G3WGV, Chris G3SVL and Derek G3RAU. Martin M0BCT and Sheila enjoying an excellent lunch.
CDXC Treasurer Andrew G8GNI and Mona M6MNA. Mike G4IUF and Sandy.
"All in favour, say AYE" ...... CDXC Democracy at work ....
Roger G3LDI and Andrew M0NKR. Martin M0BCT packs up his many trophies. ...... cars this way, please!
Derek G3RAU and John G3WGV. Dom M1KTA, Phil M0VSE, Maggi/M0VSE and Laurie G3UML.
Teresa and Mike 5B4AGX / G4PFF. Roger G3KMA and Dave G3YMC.
Six Gs : wonder what they are talking about? Laurie G3UML, Paul G4CCZ and Roger G3KMA.
John G3LAS, Tony G4LDL and Philip G4DCI. Lunch-time chat outside the Wing Village Hall.
More lunch-time chat outside the Wing Village Hall. Digest Editor Dennis F5VHY, Paul G4CCZ and Laurie G3UML.
"20% Off Anything" prize voucher from Nevada : " ... but don't waste it on buying a single PL259!" says Chris G3SVL. Don G3XTT wins the star-prize TH-D74 from Kenwood.
Hilary G4JKS takes a snap of Don G3BJ collecting the star prize from Yaesu : a professional radio microphone. Dom M1KTA, Dave G3YMC and Dennis F5VHY.
John G3LAS picks up a set of stakes from the ex-FSDXA equipment table. David G0KJP collects the star prize power-meter kindly donated by ML&S Martin Lynch. David G3WGN and Gordon G3USR with the ex-FSDXA routers earmarked for David's new mega contest station.
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