CDXC Dinner - 15 March 2008

54 DXers and XYLs attended the CDXC Chiltern DX Club (UK DX Foundation) Dinner in Wyboston

Clive GM3POI and CDXC President Neville G3NUG Stewart G3RXQ, Roger G3SXW, John G3LAS and Rachael.
Lionel G5LP happy at thought of becoming a new CDXC Member Roger G3KMA, Martin G4HKS (aka ML&S) and Barry G4RKO
Stewart G3RXQ, John G4IRN and Bob G3PJT Martin G3ZAY (at far end of table) passes round the wine bottle.
Gordon G3USR and Graham M0AEP John G3WGV and Clive GM3POI
Justin G4TSH, Peter G3SJX and John G3WKL Bob MD0CCE and Ann
Sandy, Mike G4IUF, Dave G3UEG and Gill. Glenys G8KWD, Tony G4LDL, Michael G7VJR, Dominic M0BLF
Martin G3ZAY and Owen G0PHY ????, Victor G3JNB and Audrey
Chris G1VDP, Tim M3SDE, Ian G3YBY and Janet Ron G4DDX, Geoff G4FKA and Chris G1VDP
Roger G3SXW entertains the crowd with a presentation on 3X5A Lionel G5LP, Martin G4HKS and Lawrence M0LSK
John G4IRN, Jim G3RTE and Tony G4LDL Trish and Bob MD0CCE
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