CDXC Dinner - 20 March 2010

59 DXers and XYLs attended the CDXC Chiltern DX Club (UK DX Foundation) Dinner in Wyboston

Who else noticed that a planning meeting for a DX-ped to Tuvalu (T2P) was being held in the "Copenhagen" room? Lionel G5LP and Jan having a cheery time at the March 2010 CDXC Dinner in Wyboston.
Chris G0DWV, Victor G3JNB, Jim G3RTE, Nigel G0VDZ and Nobby G0VJG. Ron G4DDX, John G4IRN, Geoff G4FKA and Stewart G3RXQ.
Martin Lynch G4HKS (of ML&S), on the top-table with Jane and CDXC Digest Editor Martyn G3RFX. Chris G3SVL, CDXC Chairman (doing the rounds during the CDXC Dinner to ensure that all guests are having a good time) with happy guests John G4IRN and Geoff G4FKA.
Victor G3JNB and Audrey. CDXC Dinner overview with Kerry G8VR in foreground.
Trish, Mike G3SED and CDXC Chairman Neville G3NUG. CDXC badge-man Gordon G3USR organised the highly successful 2010 CDXC Dinner.
Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ), top Orcadian DX-er Clive GM3POI and Ian G3YBY (F5VKT) with empty bottles and empty glasses. John G3WGV raises his glass with Michael G7VJR. Hilary G4JKS, Don G3BJ and Tony G0OPB are seen in background.
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