CDXC mans a stand at the 2010 National Hamfest in Newark
The CDXC stand was perched on one corner of the ML&S stand (many thanks Martin!) CDXC Chairman Chris G3SVL setting up the CDXC stand on the Friday morning. The wet and blustery weather may have deterred a few potential Hamfest visitors.
The Friday morning CDXC stand set-up team : Chairman Chris G3SVL and President Neville G3NUG. Outside the George Stephenson exhibition hall. The RSGB's GB4FUN demo vehicle provided convenient shelter from the rain.
DXers and Contesters from the North meet at the National Hamfest: Dave G4RQI, John G4RCG, Chris G3SJJ and John G3LZQ. Derek G3RAU signing up a new Member at the CDXC stand. The 2010 Hamfest was the first showing of CDXC's new display posters.
John G3LAS (former CDXC Chairman) sifts through a bundle of QSLs at the RSGB QSL Bureau stand with Derek G3RAU. RSGB QSL Bureau Manager Richard G3UGF discusses the finer points of QSL'ing techniques with a visitor to the QSL stand.
Chris G3SVL and Dave G3UEG adjacent to the CDXC stand. John G3PQA visits the CDXC stand. Unsurprisingly discussions immediately turn to the subject of Beverages on 160m!
Ken G3OCA collects a box of QSLs from Richard G3UGF at the RSGB QSL Bureau stand. The CDXC stand is immediately behind. Charlie GI4FUE collects a copy of the 3B7C DVD/video (donated to CDXC for club funds by John G3LAS) from Chris G3SVL.
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