CDXC Committee Meeting - Nov 2010

Chez Chris G3SVL - Bexhill

CDXC Committee at work: Neville G3NUG, Tony G4LDL, Gordon G3USR, Michael G7VJR and Chris G3SVL. Nigel G3TXF checks for one last time that the CDXC accounts balance before handing them over to Gordon G3USR!
Neville G3NUG presents Tony G4LDL with the CDXC plaque for the highest UK station in CQWW-SSB on low power. Chris G3SVL in his cosy well equipped Bexhill shack, including a posh Begali keyer.
Grid Square map and CQ World-Wide 160m Contest (SSB) wall-paper in the G3SVL shack. Two assistant operators in Chris Duckling's (G3SVL) shack.
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