Post CQWW CW Contest Dinner - Dec 2016

The sixteen attendees at the 2016 post-CQWW Contest Dinner in Chessington represented several different categories in the CQWW CW Contest including :

SOAB-A Martin G4XUM at MD4K
SOAB-A Lionel G5LP
SOSB-15m LP Alan G3XAQ at 5X1XA
SOSB-15m A Jim G3RTE at G6AY
SOSB-40m Nigel G3TXF at MZ5A
SOSB-160m Ian G3WVG at MZ5B
Multi-Two John G4IRN at PZ5V
Multi-Multi Dave G4BUO at M6T
Multi-Multi Justin G4TSH at

CQWW part-timers in 2016 :
Bob 5B4AGN, Kazu JK3GAD, Nick G3RWF (RSGB President), Laurie G3UML, Nubsey G0VDZ and Paul G4CCZ.
Bob 5B4AGN (P3F) and Lionel G5LP.
Nick G3RWF (RSGB President), Ian G3WVG and Justin G4TSH. Laurie G3UML and Jim G3RTE/G6AY.
John G4IRN and Paul G4CCZ. Dave G4BUO.
Al F5VHJ and Laurie G3UML. Guess whose "cryptic car number plate" ...? Clue: L P 5
Nubsey G0VDZ, Justin G4TSH and Ian G3WVG. Kazu JK3GAD and Al F5VHJ.
Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG. Nubsey G0VDZ.
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