The Azores Nine-Islands Hunt operators made several tourist visits around the island of São Miguel, including whale and dolphin watching, and a jeep ride around the rim of largest volcano crater on the island.

Martti OH2BH congratulates Bernie ZS4TX on his fine score in the 2012 CQWW RTTY Contest at CR2X. Azores Nine-Islands Hunt operators get ready to go whale and dolphin watching in the seas off São Miguel
José CU2CE presents certificates to the CU4ARG Graciosa operators: Franz DJ9ZB, CU4AB and Richard DF9TF. There were plenty of dolphins to be seen in the seas not from São Miguel, but sadly no whales were to be seen on that day!
José CU2CE presents certificates to the CU4ARF Flores operators:  Claude ON7TK, Carine ON7LX and Fréderic CU8AAF. The lake at Furnas was one of many interesting places visited on the round island tour of São Miguel.
Mr Club Log (Michael G7VJR) takes a swim in the naturally heated baths (with iron laden water) in the botanical gardens at Furnas. Azores Nine-Islands Hunt operators admire the fine views across the main caldeira on São Miguel.
Some of the 18 Azores Nine-Islands Hunt operators on tour around São Miguel.
Eight small jeeps were used by the Azores Nine Island Hunt operators for a sight-seeing around São Miguel island.
Natural boiling water
Natural boiling water
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