Visits to W3LPL and K3ZO following the FOC DC Dinner : May 1990
George G3LNS and Pete G3KDB at W3LPL Contest Station. Ian G3WVG and Pete G3KDB in the "W3LPL Ops dormitory"
W3LPL basement contest station. Drakes at W3LPL
George G3LNS and Ian G3WVG rejoice at finding a QSL from Steve GW4BLE in the W3LPL QSL collection.
One of the six separate 'band' positioins at W3LPL.
Chris G4BUE, Frank W3LPL, Pete G3KDB and Dale W4QM. W3LPL contest station in the basement : Drakes and TS930s
Ian G3WVG, Roger G3SXW and Bill G2FDF (?) during the visit to W3LPL. Roger G3SXW finds his cards in the W3LPL QSL collection. Ian G3WVG at K3ZO.
Al G3FXB and Ian G3WVG with an early Packet Cluster dumb terminal. Multiple coaxes feeding through the wall into the W3LPL contest station.
Fred K3ZO and ?? during visit to K3ZO Pete G3KDB and Ian G3WVG Antennas at W3LPL
Pete G3KDB at the 20 meter position at W3LPL. Quad at K3ZO.
Chris G4BUE, Roger G3SXW and ?? ??? at the 15 meter position (TS930) at W3LPL
Antennas at W3LPL
Antennas at W3LPL
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