Ham Radio 2006 - Friedrichshafen

23 - 25 June 2006

Round-table meeting in Tettnang chaired by Lionel G5LP (in the St George shirt): Alan G3XAQ, Fred G4BWP, Rupert G4XRV, John G3WKL, Lionel G5LP, Dennis F5VHY, Peter G3ZSS, Andrew G4ADM and Steve G4EDG. Rob GM3YTS, Nigel G3TXF and Alan G3XAQ in outside restaurant in Tettnang.
John G3LZQ, Dennis F5VHY and Rob GM3YTS in the main entrance hall at "Ham Radio 2006". Dennis G3MXJ and Phil GU0SUP in one of the three large flea-market halls at "Ham Radio 2006".
Egon OE9NFI and Dennis F5VHY arrive at "Ham Radio 2006". Yngvar LA2QM, Gérard F2VX and Kenton HB9DOT among the several hard-working DXCC card checkers at the ARRL stand.
Hotel Restaurant Gerbe in Ailingen, just 2km from the front door of the "Ham Radio 2006" exhibition halls. The large "G" outside the Hotel Gerbe suggests it might be suitable place for visiting UK radio amateurs.
FOC country collectors: Lionel G5LP, Fred G4BWP, Alan G3XAQ, Roger G3SXW and Rupert G4XRV visiting Vaduz in Liechtenstein (HB0) after attending "Ham Radio 2006".
Ryanair flight FR2004: Neil M0WKR, Andy G3AB seated on the left. Dave G3RXP, John G3LZQ and Tom GM4FDM are also (just) visible - among the numerous hams on this Sunday morning flight back to Stansted after "Ham Radio 2006".
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