Ham Radio 2007 - Friedrichshafen : 22 - 23 June 2007
Europe's largest Amateur Radio event - the Ham Radio exhibition (Messe) is held in Friedrichshafen each June. Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) and Dave G3RXP at the main entrance to the June 2007 Ham Radio.
Two GMs : DXCC Card Checker Rob GM3YTS and Stewart GM4AFF having an early coffee break at "Ham Radio 2007". Two Bailiwick boys from Guernsey: Paul GU4YBW and Phil GU0SUP. Chris GU3TUX from Alderney was also at the show.
Chris G3SJJ receives his new HSC membership (1870) from Hans DK5JI (HSC President) and Jens DL7AKC (HSC Secretary). Two Rogers (G3KMA and G3LQP) at the IOTA stand encouraging "Ham Radio 2007" visitors to "....join the RSGB".
One OE9 : Ingor OE9IDI from Bludenz. It's just a short ride from Vorarlberg (OE9) in Austria to "Ham Radio" in Friedrichshafen.
Three great Danes : Benny OZ8BZ, Jan OZ7JZ and Leif OZ1LO.
Lunch break for two American visitors at "Ham Radio 2007" : Don N1DG (in BS7H tee-shirt) and Rich K2WR. Several CW types stay at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang. Many UK DXers also stay in and around Tettnang - about 10km from FN.
An orderly pile-up for food at the Bavarian Contest Club buffet in Obertueringen. Many DXers/Contesters attend the BCC Buffet. Prize winners on the podium at the BCC Buffet, (including Harry RA3AUU in black tee-shirt) and the MC Ben DL6RAI on far right.
VK9DNX (recent Norfolk Island DX-pedition) operators in a matching tee-shirt huddle at the Bavaria Contest Club (BCC) buffet. Dietmar DL3DXX and Rudi DM2XO (DL7VFR) were just two of the 250+ DXers/Contesters at the 2007 BCC Buffet.
Jose VU2JOS (the lone CW operator on the VU7MY Minicoy IOTA AS-106 operation) with Nigel G3TXF at "Ham Radio 2007". There was a large delegation of VU operators at "Ham Radio 2007". Here's Jaya VU2JMA and Mohan VU2MYH at the DX QSL Wall.
Clive GM3POI and Hermann DJ2BW discuss linear amplfier ratings during an ad-hoc midnight meeting in Tettnang. Long-distance travelling Ham Radio 2007 attendee Jim ZL1BOS with GM-DX Group badge wearing Roger G3LQP.
There are many different ways to get to Friedrichshafen. However crossing the Bodensee on the ferry is the definitely the nicest! Manfred DK2OY (DARC Field Day Manager) updates Nigel G3TXF on the latest IARU HF Field-Day log categories.
Nigel G3TXF, Clive GM3POI and Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) in front of the Radio Personalities board at FN-2007! Tnx photo DL3XM!
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