Ham Radio 2008 - Friedrichshafen : 27 - 29 June 2008
Zeppelins regularly fly over the Ham Radio exhibition held in Friedrichshafen at the end of June each year. Travelling across the Lake of Constance (Bodensee) is one of the many ways of getting to the Ham Radio show in Friedrichshafen.
The Ham Radio 2008 entrance area at the huge, modern well air-conditioned exhibition centre in Friedrichshafen. Outside Ham Radio there is an open-air refreshments area, where large numbers of eye-ball QSOs are made and beers drunk.
Ham Radio 2008 visitors come from far and wide. These visitors from the Gulf are discussing antennas at the Fritzel stand. The "look-alike Stepp-IR" antenna being shown by the Italian company Ultra Beam caused the raising of a few eye-brows.
GDXF supremo Franz DJ9ZB takes at look at the advanced station control systems being shown by Ranko from 4O3A. Glynn GW0ANA takes a look a German soldering company in the Ham Radio flea market which was spread across three large halls.
Marc F1HAR, Hervé F5HRY, Laurent F6FVY with Win-Test. Win-Test's author Olivier F5MZN is BCC's "Man of the year 2008". Alex PA1AW and Tom GM4FDM in the lunch-time crowds in the beer-tent refreshment area outside Ham Radio 2008.
G4FON, G0VDZ, N6OX, G3NUG, G3BJ, G3USR, G4TSH, G3SVL and G3SJJ keep out of the sun in the refreshment area. Phil GW4HAT, Barbara MW0RLD, Martin GW3XJQ (standing) and Olof G0CKV (SM0CKV) take a break in the cafe area.
A large number of books were on display at the RSGB stand in its traditional position at the far end of the societies hall. Steve 9M6DXX and Roger G3KMA at the IOTA stand which is adjacent to, but slightly separated from, the RSGB stand.
Clive GM3POI, Dennis F5VHY and Gordon G3USR show off newly purchased tubes. Chris G3SVL holds on to an ice-cream. Chris G3SVL, Steve 9M6DXX, Gordon G3USR, David G3UEG, Clive GM3POI and Dennis F5VHY with Zeppelin building.
Four OE9s : OE9WLJ, OE9RWV, OE9GWI and OE9HGV from 'just around the corner' in Vorarlberg, Austria G3TXF collects his VP6DX QSL Booklet from Eric K3NA
At the ARRL booth : Nigel G3TXF, Dave K1ZZ and Joel W5ZN Hotel Rad and several other hotels in and around Tettnang are used by visiting UK DXers and FOC CW types.
Pre-dinner gathering of HFers and CW ops on the patio outside Hotel Rad in Tettnang. Bob N6OX, Dan N1ND and Dave K4SV during the ever popular Bavarian Contest Club Dinner held every year at Ham Radio.
Middle East opening during BCC Dinner : Mohammed A61M, Firas HZ1FS, Bob N6OX, Suli 7Z1SJ and Don G3XTT. Representatives from ten countries at the BCC Dinner taking part in a challenging test-of-strength bierstein carrying competition.
Rupert G4XRV, Rob GM3YTS and Lionel G5LP in front of the "QRP - Telegrafi" stand at Ham-Radio-2008. [Photo : GM4FDM] Nigel G3TXF and Justin G4TSH were among the 200+ guests at the Bavaria Contest Club dinner. [Photo : GM4FDM]
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