Ham Radio 2009 - Friedrichshafen : 26 - 28 June 2009
The ferry across Lake Constance is a pleasant way to arrive at Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen: ferry passenger James G4CLF. Chris G3SVL, Guy F4VNS (G7BWP), Ian G3YBY and Nigel G3TXF at the entrance to Ham Radio 2009 in Friedrichshafen.
Steve G3VMW, Bo F5VCT, Margaret xyl-VK2BJ, Barry VK2BJ (G3PEK) in the main exhibition hall at Ham Radio 2009. Phil GU0SUP sizes up the huge Luso tower for taking back to Guernsey. The Luso crank-up on display had been sold to I5GON.
Roger G3KMA and Paul F6EXV at the IOTA stand adjacent to the RSGB's stand at Ham Radio 2009. Mark 4Z4KX (formerly UP2EO from Lithuania) and Ilya 4Z1UF (formerly EZ7PAW and RL7PAW) at the Israeli ARC stand.
Two well-known PA0 DXers : Gert PA3AAV and Bert PA7MM The Japanese Luso 44m tall crank-up tower attracted much attention at the Ham Radio 2009 show in Friedrichshafen.
Two Gs and an ex-G: Dave G3RXP, Steve G3VMW and Cyprus contester and DXer Bob 5B4AGN (formerly G3ZEM). Fred G4BWP (currently A65BD), xyl Yee-Li, John G3LZQ, Steve G3VMW, Bob 5B4AGN and Dave G3RXP.
Barry VK2BJ, Benny OZ7BZ and Leif OZ1LO. Three SPs (Bogdan SP5WA, Jacek SP5DRH and Rys SP5EWY) talking with Roger G3KMA about IOTA.
Another group (G4CLF, G3SVL, G3YBY and F4VNS) admires the 44m high crank-up tower made by Luso in Japan. Despite needing an umbrella briefly in the carpark, the weather at the 2009 Ham Radio was better (i.e cooler) than in previous years.
Eating and drinking out in Tettnang : James G4CLF, Frank GM3JKS and Sheila xyl-GM3JKS. Jacques F6BEE, Hans Jørgen OZ7BQ and Kazu JK3GAD.
Team Win-Test with the recently launched Version 4 : Laurent F6FVY, Jacques F6BEE, Hervé F5HRY and Marc F1HAR. Dick PA3FQA (l) and Greenland DXer Jesper OX3KQ (r).
CDXC Members meet at IRTS stand: G4CGG, MM0EAX, G3YBY, GU0SUP, G3SJJ, GI4FUE, G3SVL, GM4FDM and GM3POI. Rudi DM2XO (formerly DL7VFR and DM4UCO) holding a G3TXF QSL for a QSO with DM4UCO in May 1977.
Two GM-DX Members enjoying their visit to Ham Radio 2009 in Friedrichshafen: Gavin GM0GAV and Tom GM4FDM Ian G3YBY and Chris G3SVL meet RSGB President, HF Contester and DXer Colin G3PSM at the RSGB stand.
All in red from Burgenland : Jörg OE4VIE and Anette OE4YLA outside the excellent Friedrichshafen exhibition centre. On their way to the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) Dinner : MM0EAX, GM3POI, GM0GAV, G0VDZ and G4IRN.
Waiting for the BCC Dinner to start: Dave MM0EAX, John G4IRN, Clive GM3POI, Nigel G0VDZ, Gavin GM0GAV and Nigel G3TXF. Marco IK0DWN, John G4IRN and Roberto IK0PRG at the BCC Dinner.
Ben DL6RAI presents Dietmar DL3DXX with the Bavarian Contest Club award during the BCC Dinner at Ham Radio 2009. Clive GM3POI discusses 160m contest operating tactics with Joop P43JB (standing) along with Nigel G0VDZ.
"Lightweight-DXer" : Kazu-san JK3GAD wins the prize for being the lightest (54kg) operator present at the BCC Dinner! Finnish contesters Ville OH2MM and Tony OH2UA with Danish contester Alex OZ7AM (also 5P7Y).
Nigel G3TXF wins a CQ-DL/DARC "QSLer TüV Prize" for third year in succession. Tnx foto : Tom GM4FDM 300+ at Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) Dinner : Nigel G3TXF, Wolf DK1FW, Kazu JK3GAD and John G4IRN. Tnx foto : Tom GM4FDM
New venue for the 2009 BCC Ham Radio dinner. An excellent location, but there was a large and slow pile-up for the food! The trip home after Ham Radio 2009 was across Lake Constance, travelling to Romanshorn to catch the train to Zurich airport.
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