Ham Radio 2012 - Friedrichshafen : 22 - 24 June 2012
Martin G3ZAY and Harry RA3AUU. Harry RA3AUU gave an excellent presentation on the May 2012 7O6T Yemen operation. Michael G7VJR, Roger G3KMA, Vincent F4BKV and Paul F6EXV on the Clipperton CDXC stand at "Ham Radio 2012".
Michael G7VJR, Tony G4LDL, Chris G3SVL, David G3WGN, John G3LZQ, Neville G3NUG, Phil GU0SUP, Ian G3YBY and Roger G3SXW at the CDXC (UK) lunchtime meeting on the Friday. Ian G3YBY, Michael G7VJR, Neville G3NUG, Bob GU4YOX, John G3LZQ and David G3WGN at the CDXC (UK) lunchtime meeting on the Saturday.
Luso towers are always an eye-catcher at any show. DR1D and RA3A are recent purchasers of these enormous towers. Great Danes : Leif OZ1LO, Caen OY1CT, Hans OZ5DX, Niels OZ8KR and Benny OZ8BZ.
At the EUDXF stand : Jan DJ8NK, Jan PA1TT, Dima UA3AGW, Wolf DK1FW and Cliff SV1JG. Tom GM4FDM greets fellow DX-peditioners Claudia PA3LEO and Andrea IK1PMR.
Nigel G0VDZ is suitably impressed by Justin G4TSH's purchase of an SDR ("what IS an SDR anyway?") Two G3Rs at Ham Radio 2012 : Dave G3RXP and Nick G3RWF.
Nigel G3TXF at the QSL Wall with Egon OE9NFI from Bludenz in Vorarlberg [and Fred A65BD's QSL visible above OE9NFI's head!] Tom DL2OBO, Masaru JA5AQC, Falk DK7YY and Ian G3YBY (F5VKT).
Susanne, Laci HA0NAR (FW0NAR in Feb 2012), Tony G4LDL, Ian G3YBY and Roger G3LQP. Dinner at the Rad Hotel: Hans OZ5DX, Hans DK1WU, Bo F5VCT, Karl DJ5IL, Gerd DJ4KW, Jo DL4CF and Marianne (xyl F5VCT).
Günter DJ5IH, Tom DL7NJ, Karl DJ5IL and Nick G3RWF at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang. Dave G3RXP, Gavin GM0GAV, Michael G7VJR and Jan OZ7JZ at the Rad Hotel in Tettnang.
Callsign cap pile-up at "Ham Radio 2012" in Friedrichshafen. Tom DJ6OI and Georg DK7LX.
Three PAs at the Clipperton CDXC stand just in time for an apéro: Dick PA4VHF, Ronald PA3EWP and Alex PA1AW. DXers form an orderly pile-up to hand in their QSLs to the DXCC Card Checker service on the ARRL stand at "Ham Radio 2012"
Lionel G5LP and Bo F5VCT "Appel deux metres ... appel deux metres ..." Mathieu MJ0ASP (F5SHQ) tries out his newly purchased rubber duck radio.
Tom GM4FDM and Veijo OH6KN (of Radio Arcala OH8X) The location of "Ham Radio" is right next to the Friedrichshafen Zeppelin factory from where flights are made around the lake.
Kerry G8VR and Fred G4BWP (A65BD) having dinner outside in Tettnang. Clive GM3POI joins Roger G3SXW in an early beer as the ferry to Romanshorn (HB9) sets sail from Friedrichshafen (DL).
Roger G3SXW and Stewart G3RXQ as the Lake Constance ferry arrives in Romanshorn on the way back to Zurich airport. Clive GM3POI, Justin G4TSH and Nigel G0VDZ arriving at "Ham Radio 2012"
The flea market .... this gets slightly smaller each year, however there's no shortage of 'junk' for those looking for it! The QSL wall .... recognise any callsigns here, perhaps?
An Alpha 8410 was on display --- pumping 1.5kW continuously into a dummy load. Visitors from Saudi Arabia at "Ham Radio 2012" in Friedrichshafen: Ibraheem HZ1IM
The RSGB's bookstand display "Now where's that N back-to-back coupler that I was looking for?" Ian G3YBY (F5VKT) Hilberling were again displaying their ultra high-spec PT-8000 radio ... anyone got one?
Neville G3NUG gives a DX-Forum lecture on the 2011 T32C Christmas Island operation. Harry RA3AUU tells the audience about the excellent 7O6T May 2012 DX-pedition. Jacques F6BEE (who gave a VP6T talk) and Vincent F4BKV in a Pitcairn Island tee-shirt.
Kenwood had a large display announcing the new TS-990S. Gaby YO9FLD is happy with his DXCC QSLs being checked at the ARRL stand. We're all G3s: Dave G3RXP, Roger G3SXW, Roger G3LQP and John G3LZQ.
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