Ham Radio 2013 - Friedrichshafen : 28 - 30 June 2013
JA pile-up: Nao JA1HGY, JA4PXC-xyl, Motoo JA4PXC, Tadao JA1WPX, Oku JK1KSB, Jun JH4RHF, JK1KSB-xyl, Michael G7VJR, (front:) Seko JA7BYL (JA1HGY-xyl), Shigeki 7N4TJR. With the continuing take-up of LoTW, the queue to present paper DXCC QSLs for checking at the ARRL stand appears to get shorter each year! LoTW DXCC confirmations are becoming the norm.
Phil GU0SUP and Mike G3JKX (ex V85KX). Jelka S57NW, Hermann DJ2BW and Hans-Jürgen DL1YFF.
Many national societies are present at Ham Radio including QARS (A71A) from Qatar. Michel FM5CD (and future FT5ZM participant) spotted in discussions at the Luso stand. Big new towers coming soon?
Expert owner Gianfranco I0ZY highlights details from his new 1.3kW SPE EXPERT 1.3K-FA amplifer which weighs only 7.5kg. White-stick operator David G3YXX with Nick G3RWF during one of the lectures at Ham Radio 2013.
Michael G7VJR (together with Alan 5B4AHJ) gave a lecture on the numerous benefits of ClubLog to DXers and DX-peditions The location of "Ham Radio" is right next to the Friedrichshafen Zeppelin factory from where flights are made around the lake.
The ARRL DXCC Card Checkers were less busy this year, thanks to the growing popularity of LoTW. The Dayton Hamvention promoted their annual show. Hopefully they were duly impressed by the excellent Friedrichshafen venue!
The Russian Contest Club stand was empty. Curious. Maybe they were all busy doing a contest during the weekend? David G3YXX (sporting a GR100MGY tee-shirt) with Roger G3SXW, Kristjan S50XX and Tine S50A.
Three GMs all proudly wearing their "GM DX Group" badges: Mike GM3PPE, Rob GM3YTS and Clive GM3POI. The Turkish society's (TRAC) stand.
German manufacturer OptiBeam exhibit their excellent range of HF beam antennas at Ham Radio each year. The well organised German DX Foundation is a significant and regular source of supportive funds for many DX-peditions.
Ukrainain DXers shopping at Ham Radio : Andy UX1UF, Dmitry UT7UJ (UW3U), Sergei UT3UX and Sasha UT7UV (UT7U). The lecture given by Martti OH2BH was well attended (despite being held in a poorly signposted and remote lecture room!)
The size of the flea market is an ever decreasing quantity at Ham Radio. This year it was down to just two halls. José CU2CE, Nigel G3TXF and Francisco CU2DX at the Associação de Radioamadores dos Açores (ARA) stand
Kenwood were showing their 'majestic' new TS-990S HF tranceiver. The French Clipperton DX Club stand is always popular around midday for the apéro. DX-peditions purely for EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) are becoming more frequent.
Kazu JK3GAD and Johnny LA5IIA. Ben DL6RAI running the DX-Quiz at the BCC Dinner. The BCC Dinner venue, the food and the DX ambiance were all excellent!
The three major transceiver manufacturers were each present. This is the ICOM stand. Top Contester Tim K3LR attending the Bavarian Contest Club dinner. Doug K1DG does an excellent job promoting WRTC 2014 at Ham Radio 2013.
Karl DJ5IL and Rob GM3YTS at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang. This hotel has been used by UK and other CW DXers for many years. Chris G3SJJ and Toffi DJ6ZM (standing) look on as Allen N2KW makes a QSO at the High Speed Club (HSC) Telegraphy stand.
Roger G3KMA and Chris G0DWV flying the flag at the RSGB stand. The ORF's DokuFunk were displaying some of their historic broadcasting documents. One of the several mast and tower suppliers present at Ham Radio 2013.
All in blue ... Dutch DXers: Gert PA3AAV and Bert PA7MM. Bernd DL1VJ (VK6AA) and Nigel G3TXF swap notes on various DX locations in the Pacific.
Tom GM4FDM and Frank DL4KQ and company set the world to right over a few lunch-time beers at Ham Radio 2013. Rob GM3YTS and Jacques F6BEE under the beer-tent at Ham Radio 2013.
Roger G3LQP at the Friedrichshafen ferry. Martin G3ZAY next to the"Ham Radio" exhibition shuttle signs at the ferry. ...and what's next at the fair after Ham Radio? ... a show devoted to Tattoos!
Bharathi VU2RBI and Vlad UY5ZZ (Президент - UCC : Ukraine Contest Club) in the flea-market area at Ham Radio 2013. Vlad UY5ZZ, xyl Tania and Paul DF4ZL outside the lake-side venue used for this year's excellent Bavaria Contest Club Dinner.
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