Ham Radio 2014 - Friedrichshafen : 27 - 29 June 2014
Europe's number one Amateur Radio event - "Ham Radio" - is held in June each year in the excellent exhibition centre in Friedrichshafen, on the Lake of Constance in southern Germany. Bob W9KNI holds the new edition of the RSGB's IOTA Directory : "It's a must-read for anyone interested in islands and IOTA" says Bob, while the Directory's Editor Roger G3KMA looks on.
Bob 5B4AGN, Dave GM4EVS and Gavin GM0GAV in the sunshine standing in the queue at the opening of Ham Radio. Don G3XTT with IARU officials Rod W6ROD (Secretary), Tim VE6SH (President) and Colin G3PSM (Exec Committee Member).
One OE2 and three OE9s: Gerhard OE2MGN, Carl OE9MON, Rupert OE9RWV and Chris OE9MCV. Roger G3SXW, Jack G8DX, Justin G4TSH (in the distance), Steve GW4BLE and Clive GM3POI.
Group of Russian speaking DXers at "Ham Radio": Sparky RW3AH, Elena RC5A, Valentin ex-UJ8JCM and Nodir EY8MM. The RSGB stand is busy as ever selling books and other publications to "Ham Radio" visitors.
Yutaka JQ2GYU, Miho JJ2VLY and Joe JA1LZR at the Tokyo 610 DX Group stand. There were several JAs at "Ham Radio". Col MM0NDX mans the DXWorld.net stand. DXWorld.net was present at "Ham Radio" for the first time in 2014.
Ali and Hakim on the Tunisian ARAT stand. 3V licences are still only issued to clubs. Hopefully that will change one day. John G3WKL (RSGB President), Roger G3KMA and Stefan OM3JW toast the 50th Anniversary of the IOTA programme.
French DXers : Jean-Michel F6AJA, Gérard F2JD and Jacques F6BEE..... ...and more DXers : Nigel G3TXF, Baldur DJ6SI, Jacques F6BEE, Jean-Michel F6AJA, Laci HA0HW and Gérard F2JD.
The QSL Wall is a regular feature at "Ham Radio". But what's this "2C4BLE" card all about? The Friday evening FOC dinner at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang was well attended. Rune SM5COP is also taking a photo!
FOC Members enjoy a Friday evening meeting at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang, with FOC President Don G3XTT on the far right. Hans OZ5DX, Dave GM4EVS, Erling LA6VM and Rag LA5HE at the FOC dinner in Tettnang.
Younger visitors to "Ham Radio" are taught the basics of soldering and electronc circuits by a DARC Bastelclub...... .... while a slightly older visitor to "Ham Radio" plays with a state-of-the-art Hilberling radio.
Peter DK1RP's DX-Wire business provides many helpful antenna related items of great use to DX-peditioners around the world Paul F6EXV, Kan JA1BK, Roger G3LQP and Jan DJ8NK await the start of the excellent Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) dinner.
UP-SHOT from the UK showed one of their range of Trailer Masts. Heading to the bar : Roger G3SXW and Dennis F5VHY need to refill their glasses. Ben DL6RAI calls "CQ Laptop" at the start of the excellent BCC Dinner!
Tine S50A with WRTC participants present at BCC Dinner: ZL3CW (referee), DK9IP, DK6XZ, M0CFW, DL8DYL, DJ5MW and E77DX. Eric (Mr Elecraft) WA6HHQ, Bob W9KNI and Don G3XTT at the BCC Dinner. It was a record attendance (over 300) at the Dinner.
Sign in the flea-market. But is there anything worth stealing amongst all that junk? Chris G0DWV with James Pickance and colleague from Trailer supplier UP-SHOT. The Austrian society (ÖVSV) was one of many national societies exhibiting.
Ready for the ride to the Friedrichshafen Messe : Gavin GM0GAV, David GM4EVS and Bob 5B4AGN. Bludenz (Vorarlberg) hams : Egon OE9NFI, Nigel G3TXF (ex-OE9ZQJ) and Walter OE9WGI.
Don G3XTT and Al F5VHJ (NH7A) on their way to the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) dinner at Haus Graf-Zeppelin. Part of the long queue for tickets outside the exhibition hall at the opening of "Ham Radio" on the Friday morning.
Eric WA6HHQ talks to one of the many visitors to the Elecraft stand. The crowds at the Elecraft stand were often several deep. At the IOTA 50th anniversary celebration : Tony OM3LU, Tami OM5MF, Stefan OM3JW and Roger G3KMA.
DXers and DX-peditioners at "Ham Radio" : Dick PA4VHF, Gérard F2JD, Ralph K0IR, Ron PA3EWP and Hans DL6JGN. Phil GU0SUP, James G4CLF, Roger G3LQP and Clive GM3POI going home on the ferry after another enjoyable visit to "Ham Radio".
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