Ham Radio 2015 - Friedrichshafen : 26 - 28 June 2015
Tony G4LDL, Chris G3SVL, Nigel G3TXF, Glyn GW0ANA and Kenton HB9DOT travelling on the Romanshorn to Friedrichshafen ferry on their way to the 2015 Ham Radio. Europe's number one Amateur Radio event - "Ham Radio" - is held in June each year in the excellent exhibition centre in Friedrichshafen, on the Lake of Constance in southern Germany.
Col MM0NDX, Björn ON9CFG and colleagues on the DX-World.net stand. The second year DX-World.net was at Ham Radio. Two all-time well-known top DX-peditioners regularly attending Ham Radio : Kan JA1BK and Baldur DJ6SI.
Clive GM3POI and Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) near the RSGB Stand. Andi HB9DVZ on the HB0FL Leichtenstein Clubstation stand. The small HB0 principality borders on both HB9 and OE9 (Vorarlberg).
Norm W3IZ and Glyn GW0ANA at the ARRL's DXCC Card Checking facility at Ham Radio.
Justin G4TSH and Chris G3SVL buying small, but all-important, bits and pieces for the forthcoming E6GG DX-pedition to Niue.
Justin G4TSH shows off his newly acquired attenuator in the beer tent. Luckily Justin G4TSH travelled by car and not by plane. Two VK9MT Mellish Reef operators (Les W2LK and Gene K5GS) with DXWorld.net's Col MM0NDX at the Ham Radio beer tent.
Dayton Hamvention exhibits at Ham Radio. "Boy, what would give to have a nice exhibition venue like Friedrichshafen in Dayton?". Doug K1DG, Hans DK3YD and Markus DK5AX who collected the payments for the 50th anniversary RRDXA Dinner
Hiroo JA1WSX shows details of a Japanese DX-pedition S79HN to the Seychelles with 7K4QOK, JE1CKA, JQ2GYU and JJ2VLY. Tokyo 610 DX Group: Takeshi JH1RFZ, Miho JJ2VLY, Emil 9A9A, Tack JE1CKA, Harumi JR4OZR, Nikola 9A5W, Yutaka JQ2GYU.
Two operators from the HG7T Contest Station : Istvan HA0DU and Tibi HA7TM. Fred G4BWP (until recently A65BD) in the middle between two South African visitors : Bernie ZS4TX and Tjerk ZS6P.
Wishful thinking ("..three Luso towers, please!..) FOC operators at the Luso stand : Klaus DK8EI, Joe DL4CF and Joe K2VUI. The ferry arrives in Friedrichshafen after the short crossing over the Lake of Constance from Romanshorn in Switzerland.
Nigel G3TXF, Mek SP7VC and Kate SQ7OYL at the RRDXA 50th Anniversary Dinner at Ham Radio 2015. After the party : Tom GM4FDM (far left) and others crash out after the RRDXA 50th Anniversary Dinner at Ham Radio.
Ingo DL6LBI, Coen PA5KM and Frans PA0INA at the informal FOC Dinner in Tettnang. Nigel G3TXF (wearing a GM-DX badge) with top Danish DXer Leif OZ1LO at the FOC Dinner in the Hotel Rad, Tettnang .
From the Faeroes : Carsten OY1CT. Mark M0DXR and Chris G0DWV at the Kenwood stand in Ham Radio. From Denmark : Ole OZ1FAO.
Don N8DE shows off the prizes for an informal raffle held during the FOC Dinner in Tettnang. Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) awards Ken DL8LBK a trophy for the 2015 FOC Marathon.
Chris G3SJJ wins yet another raffle prize at an FOC Dinner. "I love CW" : Baldur DJ6SI. Hotel Rad in Tettnang has been the regular venue for CW DXers for several years.
At the famous Ham Radio "QSL-card Wall" : Nigel G3TXF and David OK6DJ. Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ), Hermann DJ2BW, Margot, Gisela DK9GG and Gerd DJ4KW.
Gabor S57WJ and Joe K2VUI during the FOC Dinner. Stewart GM4AFF with Frank G3YQA and his xyl in a lake-side café in Friedrichshafen.
Jacques F6BEE and Ian G3YBY/F5VKT at the RRDXA 50th Anniversary Dinner. Away at the races? The Qatar Amateur Radio Society A71A stand appeared to be unmanned.
Mostly Ascension Island DXers here : Nigel ZD8XF, Jorma ZD8W, Oliver ZD8W, Olli OH0XX and Olof ZD8M. Nigel G3TXF and Stewart GM4AFF discuss the latest developments on GM4AFF Stewart's www.DXFC.org web-site.
Breakfast room at the Hotel Rad : Dennis F5VHY, Joe DL4CF, Klaus DK8EI and Ian F5VKT. Three OE3s encountered in down-town Friedrichshafen: Martin OE3EMC, Gerald OE3DSB and Gerald OE3WGU.
Special mention of Hans-Jürgen DL1YFF (SK) at the Rhein-Ruhr DX Association (RRDXA) 50th Anniversary Dinner at Ham Radio. Graham G4FNL and Clive GM3POI discuss the DX-World.net quiz under the red Coca Cola awning in the beer garden.
CDXC Members meet at lunchtime on Friday... ....in the beer garden at "Ham Radio 2015".
Walter DJ0FX and Wolf DK1FW. Three OE9s from Vorarlberg : Günter OE9HGV, Guido OE9GBH, Chris OE9ICI with Nigel G3TXF (a long time ago : OE9ZQJ).
On the way to the train after "Ham Radio" : Chris G3SVL, Jenny xyl-G3SVL, Doug K1DG, Tony G4LDL and Tony G2NF (G0OPB). The ferry takes about 40 minutes to cross the Lake of Constance back from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn in Switzerland.
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