Ham Radio 2016 - Friedrichshafen : 24 - 26 June 2016
RSGB General Manager Steve M1ACB and RSGB President Nick G3RWF manning the RSGB stand at "Ham Radio 2016". Two Dons at the outside beer-garden at "Ham Radio 2016":  Don G3BJ and Don G3XTT.
Dave G4BUO and Justin G4TSH dress brightly for warm summer weather at "Ham Radio 2016" Bernard F9IE, Gérard F2VX, Paul F6EXV and Bal DJ6SI at the dinner celebrating 30 years of the EU-DX-Foundation.
Jan DJ5AN / PA1TT and Roger G3LQP at the EU-DX-Foundation 30th birthday dinner in Tettnang. Fred K3ZO and Jalmar OZ1JHM at the FOC Dinner in Tettnang.
Nick G3RWF and Joe K2VUI at the well attended FOC Dinner at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang. The ON5UR QSL Printing stand.
Derek G4XEE and Ian G3YBY at the CDXC stand. Bob 5B4AGN and Andy G3AB.
Nigel G3TXF, Jan DL7JAN and Yuris YL2GM. Yuris YL2GM was distributing cards for the EP2A DX-pedition. Elecraft "Hands-On Ham Radio" ? .... but looks more like it's "Arms-Folded Ham Radio"!
One of the several sales points for refreshments in the "Ham Radio 2016" beer-garden. Harald OZ8X and Leif OZ1LO. Harald OZ8X is one of the handful of EU-DXers with a rotatable self-supporting 36m LUSO tower.
Dieter DJ9ON and Jan DJ8NK at the EU-DX-Foundation stand. Gav GM0GAV and Andy G3AB at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang.
Jan DJ5AN / PA1TT, Michael PA5M, Ron PA3EWP, Florian PB8DX, Paul F6EXV, Hans DL6JGN, Dick PA3FQA and Dick PA4VHF at the EU-DX-Foundation 30th birthday Dinner. Tony G4LDL at the "Ham Radio 2016" beer-garden.
Out in the sunshine beer-garden : Fred G3YJQ, Tony G4LDL, Tony G6GLP, Stewart GM4AFF and Derek G4XEE. DARC's central stage which was used for several presentations.
There was a live hook-up with the radio shack at DP1POL in the Antarctic during one of the DARC presentations. The Austrian QSL collection is a regular exhibitor at "Ham Radio"
A regular exhibitor at "Ham Radio": for the first time LUSO showed their tower up-right! Miro OM3LZ shows off the OM4000A auto amplifier on the OM Power stand. Spiderbeam introduced a new 25m Spiderpole.
John G3LZQ's set-up at ZS3/G3LZQ for the Commonwealth Contest was featured in Spiderbeam's display of installations. Rasto OM3BH and Dave G4BUO make a toast to "long-live QRP" on the OM Power stand.
David G3WGN, Chris G3SVL and Srinivas VU3SXL at the CDXC stand. The UK DX Foundation CDXC had a stand at "Ham Radio" for this first time this year.
Harumi JR4OZR, Nigel G3TXF, Miho JJ2VLY and Tack JE1CKA at the Tokyo 610 DX Group stand. Tokyo 610 DX Group: seated: Harumi JR4OZR, Miho JJ2VLY, Tack JE1CKA, standing: Takeshi JH1RFZ, Yutaka JQ2GYU.
Harry RA3AUU, Dave G4BUO, Andrew M0NKR and Fred G4BWP at the RSGB stand. Fred G4BWP, Peter G3ZSS and Chris G4IFX at the UK Six Metre Group stand.
Ben DL6RAI master-of-ceremonies at the popular BCC Dinner held in Zeppelin hangar. Robust self-supporting crank-up tower displayed next to the beer-garden area. Peter G3ZSS collects his 160m EP2A QSL card from Yuris YL2GM.
The Algerian national society (7X2ARA) was one of many national society stands present at "Ham Radio". Drums of coax were presented by Messi & Paolini on the OeVSV stand for use at the YOTA event being held in Austria in July 2016.
At the DXCC Card-Checking end of the ARRL stand: Norm W3IZ, Dieter DJ9ON and Kenton HB9DOT. The "QSL Wall" is a regular feature at "Ham Radio" in Friedrichshafen.
Members of the FT4JA team line-up after the presentation made during the DX session at "Ham Radio". About 300 attended the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) dinner held in the Zeppelin Hangar next to Friedrichshafen airport.
Several 4X visitors at the BCC Dinner including Slava 4Z5MU, Mark 4Z4KX and Ruven 4Z5FI.... ....and visitors from Iceland : Gulli TF8GX, Erling TF3EE and Jónas TF3JB.
Orderly "pile-up" in one of the two food queues at the Bavarian Contest Club dinner. Old-Time DX-peditioner Jan DJ8NK with young DX-peditioner Florian PB8DX at the BCC dinner.
Dave G4BUO and Jari OH2BU at the BCC Dinner. Two top Austrian DXers from Styria : Martin OE6MMF and Max OE6MDF at the BCC Dinner.
Fred K1VR and Pai VU2PAI at the BCC Dinner. Scandinvians at the BCC Dinner : Jukka LA7JKA / OH8PB, Sam HS0ZDY / SM3DYU, Johnny LA5IIA and Stig LA7JO.
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