Ham Radio 2017 - Friedrichshafen : 14 - 16 July 2017
Ray G4FON, Fred G4BWP, Chris G4IFX, Paul G4CCZ and Peter G3ZSS dining out in Tettnang, Jean-Michel F6AJA at the Amateurs Radio Algériens (ARA) 7X2ARA stand.
Keith G0THF and Roger G3YBO. Don G3BJ, IARU Region 1 President, on the screen at the DARC podium during the opening ceremony at Ham Radio 2017.
Harald OZ8X and Benny OZ8BZ. At the IARU stand : Don G3BJ, Clive GM3POI, Jim K6AR and Celso HB9TNW.
Kan JA1BK leads a delegation of JAs into the EU-DX-F Dinner at the Gasthof Traube in Tettnang. Paul ZS1S puts his ZS1S and ZD9ZS (Tristan da Cunha Sep 2014) QSLs onto the Ham Radio 2017 "QSL Wall".
Wilfried OE9WLJ from Hörbranz in Vorarlberg. CW Operators : Hans DK1WU and Ken DL8LBK.
Hans-Peter HB9BXE (who was on the 2006 3Y0X Peter 1 DX-pedition) and Paul ZS1S - ZD9ZS. The up-coming WRTC-2018 was being well promoted during Ham Radio 2017, with demo stations, raffles and lectures.
Uli DJ2YA and Falk DK7YY. Martin G3ZAY and Paul ZS1S at the "Talk to the World ... and beyond" RSGB stand.
Anders SM6CNN and Ilya 4Z1UF. Two from California: Eric WA6HHQ and Oliver W6NV.
Enthusiastic Elecraft K3s operator Nigel G3TXF with "Mr Elecraft" - Eric WA6HHQ. Tack JE1CKA, Miho JJ2VLY, Nigel G3TXF and Yutaka JQ2GYU at the Tokyo 610 DXGroup stand.
Roger G3LQP and Driton Z61DX from Kosovo. Caen OY1CT and Leif OZ1LO.
"Grüß Gott im Ländli" ... the Vorarlbergers had their mobile station OE9XGV parked in the camping area close to the exhibition. Vorarlbergers under the Red Bull umbrella : Holger OE9GHV, Günter OE9HGV, Michael OE9MMH, Wolfgang OE9LWV, Martin OE9MMV, Wilfried OE9WSJ and Thomas OE9LTV.
Dov 4Z4DX and Mark 4Z4KX at the Israel IARC stand. The Ham Radio flea market appears to be getting slightly smaller every year. Roger G3KMA relaxes talking about IOTA on the RSGB stand.
Paul ZS1S and David G3WGN (in his orange TX6G tee-shirt) at the BCC Dinner. Al F5VHJ and Oliver W6NV at the BCC Dinner.
A PA pile-up at the BCC Dinner : Martin PA4WM, Ronald PA3EWP, Michael PA5M and Dick PA4VHF. Two top JA DXers at the Bavarian Contest Club Dinner : Shige JA4LKB and Hiro JA4DND.
Mike RX1A? and Toivo R1CC. Chris HB9BJL, Andy HB9CVQ, Jim K6AR, Karl, DJ5IL and Bruno HB9QO.
Ken DL8LBK, Roger G3SXW and Andy DL3AZ at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang. Gert PA3AAV and Bert PA7MM.
Ulf DL5AXX. WRTC 2018 Demonstration Station in the central outside area at Ham Radio 2017. Yes, LZ9W is always big and loud on all bands in all contests!
Demonstration of some "real radio" at the DL0AFM stand. Who needs an SDR when you could have a working yellow painted Wireless Set 19 (WS 19)?
Don G3BJ in earnest discussions with members of EURAO, the European Radio Amateurs' Organisation. The Swiss DX Foundation.
Lui HB9EDB, Alex YO8TTT and Elvira IV3FSG. Dietmar DL3DXX takes to the DARC stage to present some DA0HQ operating results for 2016.
The Luso stand : Kimonos, yes. But where's the big tower this year? Nothing to be seen. It got stuck in the Hamburg docks, apparently. Justin G4TSH makes a cameo appearance (as an 80m CW op) during Tim K3LR's excellent presentation on big-time contesting.
Teemu SM0W and pals (??? and ???) enjoying a lunchtime drink in the sunshine. Fred G3YJQ, Tony G6GLP and David G3WGN.
Evert PA2KW. Peter G3ZSS.
Chris HB9ELV and Michael DH3MIT. Hans OZ5DX, John WA9AQN, Harry DK2GZ, Jon OY9JD and Jim SM2EKM.
Barb K6BL, Dave K3ZJ and Dave W6NL : "HC8N - contesters still remember the nice six-band double-mults provided by HC8N!" On the GDXF stand : Bodo DF8DX, Daniel DL5YWM and Frank DL4KQ.
The "OZ Table" at the RRDXA Dinner : OZ2ELA, Joergen OZ0J, Finn OZ7YY, Niels OZ8KR, Benny OZ8BZ and Thomas OZ1AA. RRDXA Dinner : Gert PA3AAV, ??? ???, ??? ???, Paolo IK3QAR, ??? ???, ??? ???, Bert PA7MM.
The RRDXA Dinner was held at the Fischerstüble fish restaurant. There a lot of good fish to be had from Lake Constance. Mike G0EFO and Bud AA3B at the FOC evening do at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang.
Hans DL6JGN (one of the four operators on the VP6EU operation from Pitcairn). Andre UX1UF. Jeff K1ZN and Ruth on the Southeastern DX Club stand at Ham radio 2017.
An orderly pile-up for the food at the well attended Bavarian Contest Club dinner. The BCC Dinner is always the primary social event for DXers and Contesters from around the world attending "Ham Radio" In Friedrichshafen.
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