Ham Radio 2018 - Friedrichshafen : 1 - 3 June 2018
Friedrichshafen on the Lake of Constance is also the home of the Zeppelin airships. Ham Radio 2018 in Friedrichshafen enjoyed excellent sunny weather all three days. Many national societies have stands at Ham Radio. This is the Austrian OeVSV.
The DARC offers a full programme of presentations and activities during the three days of Ham Radio 2018.
Chris G3SVL, Fred G4BWP, Ray G4FON, Alan G3XAQ and Steve G3VMW were among the large number of UK ops at Ham Radio 2018.
Tony G4LDL and Derek G4XEE manning the CDXC stand. The CDXC is the UK's DX Foundation. Rado S59ZZ (9G5W), Rok S50XX, Kristjan S53NW and Herman S57LR on the Slovenia Contest Club (SCC) stand.
Axel DL6KVA, Ian G3WVG, Gavin GM0GAV and Rob GM3YTS enjoying an al fresco dinner in Tettnang. Getting ready for the Football World Cup (FWC) with the launch of the special call : DJ18FWC.
Ian G3WVG, Dave EI9FBB and Bodo DF8DX having lunch under the Ham Radio 2018 beer-tent. DX-ped QSL Manager Charles M0OXO and Lada OK2PAY. Lada OK2PAY is one of the most active OK DX-ers. He's always there!
CDXC lunch-time including : Chris G3SVL, Chris G3SJJ, Chris G0DWV (that's three Chris's sitting in a row!), Mark M0DXR, Andrew M0NKR, David G3WGN and Derek G4XEE. CDXC lunch-time : Ian G3YBY / F5VKT and (IARU Region 1 President) Don G3BJ.
CDXC lunch-time : Steve PJ4DX and Mike G3SED. Two tables of CDXC Members at Friday lunch-time: Photo G8HQW
Top 160m DX-pedition Op : Dietmar DL3DXX
DX-pedition to Somalia 2018 : 6O6O.
Top JA DX-er Masaru JA5AQC.
Dick PA3FQA, Florian PB8DX, Monique and Martin PA4WM. Norm W3IZ takes in Paul G4CCZ's envelope of cards for checking at the ARRL DXCC Card Checking desk at Ham Radio 2018.
Although the Flea Market gets smaller every year there are still plenty of interesting items on sale, including this Eddystone RX. Jan OZ1INN hands over box with next generation prototype beacon components from Bo OZ2M (for Peter G8BCG/Cornish beacons).
The ultimate pile-up of 4X DXers and Contesters on the IARC stand at Ham Radio 2018.
Aurel DJ0MCH points to the somewhat more amusing OE17BEACH QSL next to his own card on the QSL Wall at Ham Radio 2018. Martti OH2BH makes a presentation on the recent Z60A Kosovo operations which included this "12 new DXCC Activations" slide.
Mike OE3MZC, President of the Austrian OeVSV Six Vorarlbergers (OE9) : Carl OE9MON, Gerhard OE9BGI, Herbert OE9HRV, Rupert OE9RWV, Martin OE9MMV and Chris OE9MCV.
Six more Vorarlbergers (OE9) : Rene OE9RSV, Günter OE9HGV, Wolfgang OE9LWV, Harald OE9HLH, Herbert OE9HRV and Werner OE9FWV at the OE9-Ham-Camp. "Grüß Gott im Ländli...": The OE9-Ham-Camp : No sales. Only for Members or "Friends of OE9" - guess that includes ex-OE9ZQJ!
The Vorarlbergers again had their mobile station OE9XGV parked in the camping area close to the exhibition.
Vorarlberg DX-er : Holger OE9GHV.
Mek SP7VC plans to head for Bouvet 3Y0I. Two Swiss DX-ers : Jürg HB9DQL and Celso HB9TNW
Stan LZ1GC who has done many successful DX-peditions to rare locations.
Bodo DF8DX : "DXpeditioning since 1994"!
Seb F5UFX was on the recent 3B7A St Brandon DX-pedition.
Frank VO1HP and Steve G3VMW in Tettnang.
Jo DL4CF and Andy G3AB having a coffee break.
Jim SM2EKM and Tord SM3EVR
Jan DJ8NK and Steve PJ4DX (formerly 9M6DXX).
Roger G3KMA discusses the latest IOTA Directory with Jan DL7JAN.
IOTA activator : Keith G3TTC.
Ian G3WVG tries out an E-bike for the daily commute from Tettnang to Ham Radio.
Christian DL1MGB is awarded a wooden hammer. This could be useful during the forthcoming WRTC-2018!
Rob GM3YTS, Gavin GM0GAV and Andy G3AB in Tettnang.
Mobile station operating from a van parked on the DARC stand at Ham Radio 2018.
David G3VGR and John G8DZH.
Taking the ferry from Romanshorn to Friedrichshafen : Roger G3KMA, Gill and Ian G3WVG with loads of new IOTA Directories. For about twenty years (or more?) the Hotel Rad in Tettnang has been the Ham Radio abode for numerous CW operators & FOCers.
Jan DL7JAN, Tom GM4FDM, Les W2LK and Gene K5GS (co-leaders of upcoming VP6D Ducie DX-ped) at the EU-DX-F stand.
Ian G3WVG and Bob 5B4AGN in Tettnang.
Four TFs from Iceland : Gummi TF3GS, Gulli TF8GX, Ari TF1A and Elli TF3EE.
Hardy DL2HRT and Nigel G3TXF.
Two GMs at lunchtime : Gavin GM0GAV and Rob GM3YTS
Hotel Bären in Tettnang
David KG6IRW on the Elecraft stand.
Ham Radio : Programme for the day
Ian G3WVG and David G3WGN wait for the ferry in Friedrichshafen habour following their visit to Ham Radio 2018.
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