Ham Radio 2019 - Friedrichshafen : 21-23 June 2019
There's a full programme of lectures in the central auditorium during the three days of Ham Radio 2019.
The flea market is full of Amateur Radio history, including this Eddystone Radio EC10 receiver.... ... meanwhile on the IARU stand Don G3BJ and Hans PB2T are working on projects to safeguard the future of Amateur Radio.
It was standing room only for Joe K1JT's Saturday morning lecture on FT8 (and FT4).... ... the lecture on FT8 included this list of callsigns that appear to be running FT8 almost continuously as a "Robot".
The ARRL again provided a DXCC Card checking service. However the number of cards checked each year falls as LoTW plays an ever more significant role. Dan N1ND kindly checks the one paper QSL being submitted by G3TXF. In years gone by there would have been several dozen paper cards to be checked. But not any more! The European DX Foundation was one of several DX foundations that took part in the new "DX-Plaza" which brought together in one place many of the DX foundations.
The two halls for the Flea Market were buzzing as ever. But much of the stuff looks like it's been at the show for several years running!
Plenty of interest in the numerous displays of historic radio gear.
Ham Radio : Europe's biggest Amateur Radio event.
Zeppelins flying overhead are a regular feature of "Ham Radio"
Dov 4Z4DX visits the IOTA Stand within the new "DX Plaza".
Don G3BJ, Jukka OH2BR, Hilary G4JKS and Dick PA3FQA. CDXC: Tony G2NF, Chris G3SVL, Chris G8AJM, Leigh VK6WA, Andy M0NKR, Tony G6GLP, Chris G0DWV and David G3WGN.
Top DX-pedition QSL Managers: Charles M0OXO and Tim M0URX
Shige JA4LKB, Nao JA1HGY, Jun JH4RHF, Hide JH5FOQ.
Dominique F6EPY who is also 6W1SR.
Dates for next year's Ham Radio.
Kevin VK6LW one of several VK6s at show.
Dave EI9FBB receives IREF plaque for his IOTA DX-peditions.
Cezar VE3LYC, Tim M0URX, Roger G3KMA and Charles M0OXO
Dave K1ZZ, Jukka OH2BR, Linda KA1ZD, Pertti OG2M.
Local OE9s : Wilfried OE9WLJ, Thomas OE9TZV and daughter.
Tom DL7BO, Wolf DL4WK, Frank DL7UFR, Jan DJ5AN, Sigi DL7DF at the EUDXF stand. Cezar VE3LYC giving a talk about his H44R, H44R/p and H40D IOTA DX-pedition operations.
Mike OE3MZC, President of the Austrian OeVSV.
Ivan S51DI and Sandi S57K.
Hardy DL1VDL with grandson.
Impressive photo on the Luso tower stand.
Fred K3ZO and Champ E21EIC at BCC.
Tom GM4FDM, Martin PA4WM, Gert PA3AAV and Dick PA4VHF at the BCC Dinner in the lake-side Graf Zeppelin Haus. JA pile-up at the BCC Dinner: Jun JH4RHF, Ritsu JR3RVO, Shige JA4LKB, Nao JA1HGY and Hiro JA4DND.
Docufunk display of the Colvin/YASME W6KG / W6QL QSLs.
Wolf DK1FW and Paul F6EXV at the BCC Dinner.
Rein PA0R, Jeremy EI5GM, Nobby G0VJG (FW5JG), Jamie M0SDV, Norbert DJ7JC and Dave EI9FBB.
Joe OZ0J, Leif OZ1LO and Laurent F8ATM.
Hannu OH1XX, Jaako OH1MA, Jukka OH2BR, Miika OH2BAD and XYLs walking back after the BCC Dinner. JAs at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang : Hiro JA4DND, Shige JA4LKB, Nao JA1HGY and Jun JH4RHF (OE1ZKC)
Bob GU4YOX, John G4IRN, Tony G2NF, Janet, David G3WGN, Chris G3SVL, Justin G4TSH and Maria-Antonietta. Chris G3SVL, Justin G4TSH, Maria-Antonietta, Bob GU4YOX, Nigel G3TXF, John G4IRN, Tony G2NF and David G3WGN.
JayCie E20NKB and Champ E21EIC at the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) stand at Ham radio 2019. George DL4SVA (bringing along a large bundle of WRTC-2018 QSLs for G3TXF!) together with Miika OH2BAD at the BCC Dinner.
"Up, up and away..." the crowd looks sky-wards as a ballon (beacon/sonde?) is launched at Ham Radio 2019.
The Qatar Amateur Radio Society had a well decorated stand.
Kevin VK6LW, Dietmar DL3DXX, Tony G2NF and Tom GM4FDM at the DARC's Contest stand. Fred G3YJQ, Tony G6GLP, Nick G3RWF and Chris G0DWV at the DL-QRP stand.
Nick G3RWF shows off his new Morse key!
Clipperton DX Club since 1978
Dietmar DL3DXX with "73" Czech beer!
The RSGB stand was moved to a new, more central position. Bob 5B4AGN and Martin G3ZAY are seen in discussions nearby.
Spiderbeam : Rick DJ0IP (who writes the very useful Spiderbeam technical web-pages) and Spiderbeam founder Cornelius DF4SA. On the Czech Radio Club (CRC) stand : Karel OK1CF, Baldur DJ6SI, Milos OK1MP and Dietmar DL3DXX.
"Youngsters on the Air" ... "Yes, there's youth in hamradio" ... just the message we need to hear on the ARRL stand!
Tine S50A, Rosel DL3RWR and Hardy DL3RWF on Slovenia stand.
Milos OK1MP, Vasek OK1ADM and Karel OK1CF.
Viv G4PLY (traveled on a Honda Blackbird) and Marq CT1BWW.
All in blue : Chris G3SVL, David G3WGN and John G4IRN.
Tony G2NF, Vesko LZ2JE and Uli DJ2YA.
The ARAD Djibouti (J2) stand was unmanned.
Cheers: it's Nobby G0VJG's (FW5JG) round!
Fernand F5LVL
Panu OH7CW
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