Ham Radio 2023 - Friedrichshafen : 23-25 June 2023
Arriving in Rorschach harbour after the ferry crossing from Friedrichshafen. The ferry crossing is part of the fun of "Ham Radio".
Dinner including several top DXers from afar: Jun JH4RHF, Jacky ZL3CW, Bernd VK2IA and Hiro JA4DND. Thierry FT8WW (F6CUK), Paul F6EXV, Pascal F8TRT (FT8WW's webmaster) and Mike DL2OE.
In the beer garden: Nigel G3TXF, Mats SM6LRR/RM2D, Dominique DL5EBE/R4BE and Gerd DL7VOG. The orange team on the ACOM stand including (on the left) the ever helpful Val LZ1VB.
Being on the Lake of Constance is real plus for "Ham Radio" . Ian G3WVG and Olof G0CKV (3B8M) in the coffee area.
GMs: Allan GM4ZUK, Stewart G(M)4AFF, Rob GM3YTS "Ham Radio 2023" visitors ... taking a close-up look at the gear.
QSL display of FIRAC members ... every one, of course, with a railway train !
Dmitri UR5IKN, who is also DM5KN
Top priority as the show opens on Friday morning : buy tickets for the BCC Buffet
The Flea Market is always a popular, but an ever declining activity at "Ham Radio".....
..... at "Ham Radio 2023" the Flea Market was just one and a quarter halls. A far cry from the four plus halls in earlier years!
DXers from the Azores : Francisco CU2DX, José CU2CE and Antonio CU3AC.
Alex UT5UY, Jan DJ5AN, Nodir EY8MM and Ian G3WVG.
Father and son at the BCC Buffet: Mark M0DXR and Keith G3WRO
Don G3XTT, Ian G3WVG eats an especially large ice-cream at the BCC Buffet.
In the queue for the BCC Buffet ??? DL?V??, (in background) Axel DL6KVA, Alex UT5UY and Nodir EY8MM. OE5s at coffee break : Manfred OE5NVL, Reinhold OE5RNL, Roger OE5ROR, and Hans OE5JWL.
Dining out: Fred G4BWP, Gav GM0GAV and Andrew G4ADM
Ian G3WVG, Hans DK1WU getting ready for the ride from Tettnang.
xyl Luise DL2MLU receives "CQWW Contest Hall of Fame" award for Ben DL6RAI (sk) from Chris DL1MGB.
Tony G2NF on the bus home from LHR.
Martin G3ZAY at BCC Buffet.
Society Stand : USA : ARRL.
Society Stand : Italy : ARI
Society Stand : Bulgaria : BFRA
Disappointingly : NO RSGB stand at Ham Radio 2023 !.
Society Stand : Spain : URE
Society Stand : Austria : OeVSV.
BCC Buffet.
BCC Buffet
HF Mobile.
Mark M0DXR and father Keith G3WRO.
Regular shuttle bus to "Ham Radio".
Society Stand : Qatar : QARS.
Society Stand : Germany : DARC : "Bridge to the World".
Society Stand : Japan : JARL.
Impressive looking ATU from LazTuner.
"Ham Radio" is never complete without a glimpse of a Zeppellin.
Alex OE9DAI and Bianca OE9DBI from Vorarlberg.
DocuFunk on the Austrian OeVSV stand.
Elecraft were well represented at Ham Radio with the K4.
The "Who's Here?"pin-map, including MM0UKI's pin for Rockall !
The QSL Wall includes 3Y0J and 3Y7GIA
Ian G3WVG and Allan GM4ZUK.
Next year's "Ham Radio 2024" will be on 28-30 June 2024.
Jacky ZL3CW - F2CW
Elecraft has a new service point in HB9
Nigel OE5TXF in Tettnang
Ian G3WVG discusses his "world contester ranking" of somewhere around "7,000th" with Gene W3UA on the WARCA stand
Society Stand : France : REF
The Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) stand is always a popular meeting point.
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