TX6G - passing through Tahiti on the way to/from the Australs
The TX6G group is met by Michel FO5QB and Dani FO5QJ on their arrival at Tahiti airport (PPT). Tahiti airport (PPT) is at Faaa on the outskirts of Papeete. Airport as seen from the Airport Motel just across the road.
Chinese meal in Tahiti prior to setting off for Raivavae (TX6G) in the Australs : Justin G4TSH, David G3WGN, Michel FO5QB, Don G3XTT, Hilary G4JKS, Don G3BJ, Nigel G3TXF, Chris G3SVL and Philippe FO4BM.
Don G3XTT guest op-ing at FO5QB. Chris G3SVL guest op-ing at FO5QB. Justin G4TSH guest op-ing at FO5QB.
Celebratory lunch in Tahiti : G4TSH, G3XTT and G3SVL. Celebratory lunch in Tahiti : G4JKS, G3BJ and G3WGN.
Multi-band beam at Michel FO5QB's QTH near Tahiti airport. TX6G ponders who'd need such a large container for a DX-ped?
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