Wino PA0ABM and Annie host the 2005 FOC ConDin
Wino PA0ABM in his large and neat attic shack with MkV Field, left handed bug key and paper log.
The "Welcome" sign was clearly visible at Wino & Annie PA0ABM's QTH for the FOC ConDin Sunday party!
2005 FOC ConDin group on a guided tour of Antwerp led by Wino PA0ABM and Jules ON4WD. View of a wind-mill from Wino PA0ABM's QTH - just to confirm that we were really in Holland!
Leif OZ1LO, Bo OZ8ABE, Wino PA0ABM, Dennis F5VHY, Joeke PA0VDV and Lou PA0LOU. Bo OZ8ABE, Joeke PA0VDV, Hermann DJ2BW, Lou PA0LOU, Wino PA0ABM, Leif OZ1LO & Dennis F5VHY
Hermann DJ2BW, Bal DJ6SI, Christa (XYL DJ6SI), Dennis F5VHY, Joeke PA0VDV, Joe DK7VW, Hein PA0BW and Gerd DJ4KW. Frans PA0INA and Lianne PA3FZZ give a bagpipes recital with Annie (XYL PA0ABM) looking on.
Wino PA0ABM's log-book. Jules ON4WD's antenna as seen from the train.
Wino PA0ABM's multi-band dipole antennas. Planning permission is being requested for a tower. Christa and Margot with Bal DJ6SI taking a break on the Antwerp sightseeing tour.
Anne (XYL F5VHY) and Gisela DK9GG. Anneliese, Dennis F5VHY and Anne arrive at Wino PA0ABM and Annie's QTH for the Sunday FOC party.