FOC Condin - Paderborn, Germany - Saturday, 23 May 2015
Baldur DJ6SI (who organised another successful Condin again in 2015) with Kees PA5XM. Joe DL4CF with the visiting FOC President Don G3XTT.
Baldur DJ6SI and Nigel G3TXF pass by the famous Möhnesee dam on the way from Paderborn back to Düsseldorf airport. FOC President Don G3XTT shares a joke about Baldur DJ6SI's car number-plate : BM VY 73.
Tofi DJ6ZM and Georg DK7LX at the dinner in La Petite Gallerie restaurant in the centre of Paderborn. Gerd DJ4KW, FOC President Don G3XTT and Kees PA5XM.
Klaus DK8EI and Knut DK5AD back at the Hotel zur Mühle in Paderborn. Baldur DJ6SI checks some facts on the web during the Wewelsburg visit FOC President Don G3XTT perched in an armchair during the 2015 Condin.
Georg DK7KX and Joe DL4CF during the visit to the infamous Wewelsburg castle. The Condin visitors enjoyed an excellent asparagus lunch in this restaurant. Tofi DJ6ZM, Christine, Georg DK7LX, Joe DL4CF and Sabine at Wewelsburg.
Georg DK7LX reads up on the grim history of Wewelsburg castle during the afternoon visit. A sneak view through the window of La Petite Gallerie restaurant in Paderborn towards the end of the 2015 Condin.
Breakfast round-table time chat : Anneliese, Jane, Ans, Kees PA5XM and Miles PA3CVV. Joe DL4CF and Georg DK7LX.
Ingo DL6LBI during the 2015 Condin in Paderborn. Anneliese xyl-G3TXF and Sabine xyl-DK7LX.
Car number-plates parked at the 2015 Condin in Paderborn  : Baldur DJ6SI, Birgit (xyl Ben DJ8FW/CT3AS sk) and Georg DK7LX. Klaus DK8EI.
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