FOC Condin - Holzminden, Germany - Saturday, 14 May 2016
The excellent 2016 FOC Condin was held at the Hellers Krug Hotel in Holzminden (run by Carsten DM9EE). Bright sunshine greeted the FOC Condin guests when they arrived in Holzminden on the Friday afternoon.
Tina DL5YL seen as a much younger operator back in the old DDR days ..... ..... and Tina DL5YL operating as DK0FOC from Carsten DM9EE's fine station during the 2016 FOC Condin.
Marianne, Anneliese, Bo HB9BFQ and Bal DJ6SI sample.... ....the excellent cakes at tea-time.
Carsten DM9EE explains the hotel which has been in his family for 100s of years. Carsten DM9EE with the tuning cabinet at the base of his 160m vertical. The 27m high 160m vertical is an aluminium pole strapped to a tree.
The old part of the town in Holzminden. The Condin visitors toured nearby Schloss Corvey ...... ...... Anneliese (xyl G3TXF) and Margot (xyl DJ2BW) in Schloss Corvey.
River Weser in Holzminden : Tina DL5YL, Mike G0EFO, Bo HB9BFQ, Maureen (xyl G0EFO) and Marianne (xyl HB9BFQ) Bo HB9BFQ (until recently F5VCT) and Marianne with a table full of delicious Eißkaffees in Holzminden!
Bo HB9BFQ (ex F5VCT), Marianne, Mike G0EFO, Maureen (xyl G0EFO) and Tina DL5YL. Tina DL5YL, Carsten DM9EE and Fred DL5YM in Carsten's shack which is attached to the Hotel Hellers Krug.
Kees PA5XM, Klaus DK8EI, Toffy DJ6ZM, Ingo DL6LBI and Carsten DM9EE. Two large towers provide an impressive back-drop to the Hotel Hellers Krug in Holzminden!
Keeping an eye on Fabian DJ1YFK's ever useful FOC RBN helps track how DK0FOC's signal is getting out. Toffy DJ6ZM, Ingo DL6LBI, Tom DL1QW, Klaus DK8EI, Kees PA5XM, Nigel G3TXF and Fred DL5YM.
Gerd DJ4KW, Bal DJ6SI and Herman DJ2BW enjoy the Condin sunshine. Bal DJ6SI's Bergheim (BM) number plate.
The Condin party (plus Carsten DM9EE's two small children) visiting the impressive Imperial Abbey of Corvey near Höxter. Carsten DM9EE (formerly DL2OBO) with his Holzminden (HOL) registered van. Part of the hotel is visible in the reflection.
Baldur DJ6SI, Toffy DJ6ZM and Kees PA5XM admire a Morse Trainer on an iPhone. Gerd DJ4KW, Herman DJ2BW, Klaus DK8EI and IOTA DX-peditioner Frank DL2SWW.
The Hellers Krug Hotel is almost certainly the only hotel in the world that has fine display of Morse Keys in the Reception! Christine (xyl DJ6ZM), Toffy DJ6ZM, Knut DK5AD, Tina DL5YL and Birgit (xyl Ben DJ8FW/CT3AS sk).
The Saturday evening FOC Continental Dinner was held ..... ...... in a private room at the Hellers Krug Hotel.
Bal DJ6SI shares a joke with Bo HB9BFQ and Marianne. "Now look at that..." says Bal DJ6SI to Gerd DJ4KW and Anneliese.
Carsten DM9EE (unser Gastgeber!) at the reception desk in the Hellers Krug Hotel in Holzminden. Anneliese, Mike G0EFO and Maureen back at Hannover airport after a short but fun weekend at the 2016 FOC Condin.
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