FOC Condin - Wolfsburg, Germany - Saturday, 12 May 2018

NB : The 2019 FOC Condin is to be held on 10-11-12 May 2019 in Undloh near Hamburg.

Joe DL4CF presents Ingo DL6LBI with the FOC Condin door-prize paddle kindly supported by Begali. Tnx Begali! Baldur DJ6SI organiser of the 2018 FOC Condin in Wolfsburg with Nigel G3TXF.
A sightseeing boat trip on the Mittellandkanal (the longest canal in Germany) which passes through Wolfsburg. Bal DJ6SI arranges a visit to the PHAENO scientific museum in Wolfsburg, with its many interesting and practical exhibits.
Serious paddle canoe racers in the Mittellandkanal (no FOCers aboard!) The large Autostadt complex in the middle of Wolfsburg. Everything in Wolfsburg centres around the VW car-plant.
FOC Condin at the Thission Greek restaurant in Wolfsburg. Baldur DJ6SI, Anneliese (xyl G3TXF), Klaus DK8EI, Angelika (xyl DK8EI), Gerd DJ4KW, Gisela DK9GG, Birgit (xyl Ben DJ8FW), and Inge (xyl DL6LBI).
Ingo DL6LBI, Angelika (xyl DK8EI), Klaus DK8EI, Anneliese (xyl G3TXF), Inge (xyl DL6LBI) and Mike G0EFO in Hanover. Cheers to FOC : Klaus DK8EI, Gerd DJ4KW and Angelika (xyl DK8EI).
Wolfsburg is the home of German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW). "VW" logos are to be seen all round the town.
Venue for the 2018 FOC Condin in Wolfsburg.
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