FOC Dinner - Greenwich Yacht Club - Saturday, 3 October 2009
FOC Lunch Party
Gerry GI0RTN, Ron G3KTZ and Dave G4BUO. Mick G3LIK and Colin G3VTT.
Chris G4BUE and Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ). Dave G4BUO.
Fred G4BWP (recently licensed as A65BD) and Yee-Li. Jan, Lionel G5LP, Colin G3VTT and Joop P43JB.
Joe K2VUI replies to the overseas' toast with Mick G3LIK. Dennis F5VHY, Anne, Clive GM3POI and Terry MM3POI.
Joop P43JB, Yvonne and Knut DK5AD. Newly inducted FOC President Bob G3PJT and Colin G3VTT.
Bob W6RGG, Joe DL4CF and Tony G0OPB. Dave G3RXP, Graham G4FNL, Janet and Don G3XTT.
Eithne and Colum EI3CP "Look at my pictures!" Ray G4FON and John G3PQA.
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