FOC Dinner - Milton Keynes - Saturday, 10 November 2012
Jurys Inn hotel, Milton Keynes venue for the 2012 FOC Dinner FOC Dinner or Prayer Winners - which is the one for us?
FOC Committee : Ivan G3IZD, Don G3XTT, Rob GM3YTS, Graham G4FNL and Roger G3SXW Attendees at the November 2012 FOC AGM.
Miles PA3CVV, Sheree/GM3YTS, Frans PA0INA, Colin G3VTT and Hilary Phil G3SWH and Jan
Andrea and Dave G4BUO Bob G4HZV, Michele and Paul G4AFU
Tony G0OPB, Arlene, Don G3BJ and Hilary G4JKS. Maureen and Bob G3XNG with Penny and Ray G3KOJ.
Tony G3ZRJ, Richard G4FAD and Derek G3PQD. Derek G3PQD, Janet/G4IRN the raffle girl, John G3NCN and Knut DK5AD.
Jayne/G4BYG, Graham G4FNL and Vic G4BYG. Liz and David G3YXX, Roger G3SXW.
Bob G4HZV, Michele (and Paul G4AFU - not visible!) and Rik G4SIE. Ron G3KTZ Dave G3RXP and paddler Bob GU4YOX.
Stan G3IEW, Joe and Vicki W1AO, Stewart G3RXQ. Peter G3XJS, David VK2AYD and Margaret/G3IEW.
Don G3XTT and John G3WGV. Lionel G5LP and Jan.
FOC President Ivan G3IZD presents Don G3BJ the Al Slater G3FXB Memorial Award for his outstanding contributions to the hobby, especially his recent work at the RSGB. FOC Committee Secretary Roger G3SXW presents Bob GU4YOX with the star raffle prize of the evening : a TW MagPad paddle, donated by Tom Withers G3HGE.
At a DX round-table: a mere G3 is surrounded by DX-otica from GU4 and GM3. G0OPB, G3XTT, G3XAQ and G3SXW in late night discussions. Not sure Don G3XTT gets the joke though.
Sunrise over Milton Keynes. Note the thin layer of frost on the roofs. A bright November morning. Car park meeting : Ron G3KTZ presents Lionel G5LP with his much cherished 2012 RSGB Low Power Field-Day Trophy.
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