FOC Dinner - Milton Keynes - Saturday, 9 November 2013
Jurys Inn hotel, Milton Keynes venue for the 2013 FOC Dinner. First Class Operations [?] Club.....
FOC AGM Attendees : Paul G3VCN, David G3YXX, Colin G3VTT, Tony G6GLP and John G3WGV. The November 2013 FOC AGM was attended by about 30 members.
Roger G3SXW and Rob GM3YTS keep everyone in order at the FOC AGM. The FOC Committee : Graham G4FNL, Ivan G3IZD, Ray G4FON, Roger G3SXW and Rob GM3YTS.
Lionel G5LP wins a MagPad, presented by Roger G3SXW. Rob GM3YTS presents Roger G3SXW with a MagPad.
Retiring President Ivan G3IZD prepares to hand over the FOC Presidential chain of office to Don G3XTT..... ..."Right Don G3XTT, it's all yours mate...."
Justin G4TSH gets set for another trip to K3LR for the CQWW CW Contest. Scottish bag-pipes expert Hans PA0INA hiding behind the dinner table lights. Don G3XTT acts as Master of Ceremonies at the 2013 FOC Dinner
Judy and Rupert G4XRV Stewart G3RXQ and Marie.
Jan and Lionel G5LP. FOC's man in Dubai, Fred G4BWP A65BD.
Gerald G3MCK and Ron G3KTZ. Colin G3VTT (holding a special CD) and step-son Nick.
Ann and Malcolm G3PDH. Rosemary XYL G4FON, Pete N5KD (G4DVP) and Lauri.
Michèle and Paul G4AFU. Navy mates: Dan M0CVR and Paul G3VCN.
Ken G0ORH, Ian G3RVM and Ray G4FON. Derek G3PQD and John G3WGV.
Ron G3KTZ and Vic G4BYG. Pete N5KD (G4DVP) and Roger G3SXW.
Colin G3VTT and Derek G3PQD at breakfast in the Jurys Inn. Our man in Muscat (Andy G3AB) and Tony G6GLP. Tony G6GLP (as a fellow resident of Newton Abbott) carried back home the MagPad Unsung Hero Award won by Derrick G3LHJ.
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