FOC Dinner - Milton Keynes - Saturday, 8 November 2014
Rob GM3YTS, Roger G3SXW and Tyler N4TY handling questions at the 2014 FOC AGM. "All in favour, raise your hands" ..... Democracy at work during the FOC AGM held just prior to the 2014 FOC Dinner.
FOC Committee members (both current year and next year): Nick G3RWF, Iain M0PCB, Rob GM3YTS, Ray G4FON, Don G3XTT, Gabor S57WJ (FOCUS Editor), Roger G3SXW and Tyler N4TY. Presidents all: John G3WKL (current President RSGB), Don G3BJ (President IARU Region 1 and former RSGB President) and Hilary G4JKS (former RSGB President) and Don G3XTT FOC President - wearing the FOC Presidential chain.
Tofi DJ6ZM and Christine from Munich. Georg DK7LX and Sabine.
Becki and Riki K7NJ. Marielle and Frank PA4N.
Mike G0EFO and Maureen. Arlene, Tony G2NF (formerly G0OPB), John G3NCN, Malcolm G3PDH and June.
Joe DL4CF : one of the five attendees from Germany at the 2014 FOC Dinner. Jim G3RTE Roger G3SXW presenting Ron G3KTZ with a 2015 RSGB Year Book.
Dave G4BUO and Andrea. Ray G4FON who was an excellent tour-guide at BP.
Bob G4HZV and Nick G3RWF. John G4IRN and Janet.
Lionel G5LP and Jan. Sarah and David G4HMC.
Hilary G4JKS, Don G3BJ and John G3WKL. John G3NCN, Dan M0CVR, Paul G3VCN and Iain M0PCB.
Riki K7NJ (4X4NJ) and Don G3XTT. Derek G3PQD and Malcolm G3PDH.
Nick G3RWF and Roger G3SXW with FOC sugar sachets. Derrick G3LHJ takes loads of photos at the FOC Dinner
Phil G3SWH and Jan. Tofi DJ6ZM presents a special CW paddle to Phil G3SWH.
(Phil : hopefully it can be used as a side-swiper - hi!)
Colin G3VTT and Roger G3SXW present Jim G3RTE with a prized rare pump handle key. John G3WGV, Michael G7VJR and Sam.
Colin G3VTT presents Ray G4FON with a pristine copy of "The Morse Code for Radio Amateurs by Margaret Mills G3ACC". Phil G3SWH collects a pile of neat purpose-made "QSL Bureau posting boxes" from G3TXF. Don G3XTT presents Michael G7VJR with the FOC's "Al Slater G3FXB Award" for his magnificent work on Club Log.
Gabor S57WJ, FOCUS Editor, receives a MagPad paddle from FOC Committee Secretary Roger G3SXW. Breakfast meeting: Iain M0PCB, Malcolm G3PDH and Colin G3VTT are all on the early shift for breakfast.
Bletchley Park with a guided tour by Ray G4FON, followed by a quick visit to GB3RS
Ray G4FON gives a highly informative and amusing guided tour concerning the code breakers at Bletchley Park. Georg DK7LX takes photos of the numerous HRO receivers on display as part of the Bletchley Park museum.
A look inside the reconstruction of the Bombe. The FOC Members on the Bletchley Park tour listening to their specialist tour-guide Ray G4FON.
Stepp-IR antenna used by the National Radio Centre (NRC) station GB3RS. A mock up of a wartime Wireless Interception (or "Y") station with HROs. QSL display the National Radio Centre (includes cards from 6Y8XF, VP2EN and J88XF!)
Chris HB9BJL makes a CW QSO from the National Radio Centre (NRC) station GB3RS. One of the several interesting displays at the NRC : a Labgear LG 300 transmitter with a Collins KWM-1 transceiver on top.
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