FOC Dinner - Milton Keynes - Saturday, 31 October 2015
FOC Committee at AGM : Iain M0PCB, Fred G4BWP, Don G3XTT, Rob GM3YTS, Nick G3RWF and Roger G3SXW. FOC AGM : The AGM was well attended and was more lively than usual, with one or two contentious discussion points.
Nigel G3TXF takes over the FOC Presidential Chain of Office from Don G3XTT, for one year. Roger G3SXW holds up the G3FXB Memorial Award, which was awarded to Bob K4UEE.
RSGB President John G3WKL draws the ticket for a winning door prize. Bob GU4YOX and Maria-Antonietta from Guernsey.
Three Editors: Gabor S57WJ FOC Editor, Dennis F5VHY "CDXC Digest" Editor and Don G3XTT "Practical Wireless". Bob G4HZV wins the Alinco power supply kindly donated to the FOC Dinner by Mike G3SED of Nevada.
Retiring "FOC Activities Coordinator" Colin G3VTT explains to Don G3XTT exactly what he intends to do with his gift. John G3WGV, Bob GU4YOX and Michael G7VJR.
Bob GU4YOX and John G4IRN. Jurys Inn, Milton Keynes : FOC Dinner venue for the fourth year in a row. John G3WGV describes the PK-4 keyer prize donated by Martin Lynch & Sons.
Rob GM3YTS, Dennis F5VHY and Roger G3SXW. Gavin GM0GAV, Joe DL4CF and Andy G3AB.
A pair of Phils : Phil VK6GX and Phil G3SWH. Janet/G4IRN, Arlene/G2NF and Tony G2NF.
Mike G0EFO and Alan G3XAQ. Vic G4BYG, Iain M0PCB, Alan G3XAQ and Bob G4HZV (with Bob YOX in the background -- how come Bob gets into so many photos?)
Paul G4AFU, Georg DK7LX and Klaus DK8EI. Klaus DK8EI, Rob GM3YTS, Colin G3VTT, Andy G0IBN and Dan M0CVR.
John G4IRN, Don G3XTT, Janet/G3XTT, Maria-Antonietta /GU4YOX, Bob GU4YOX and Tony G2NF. Retiring FOC President (Don G3XTT) and Janet.
Andy G0IBN
Old Timers at Breakfast : Pete G8VG and Roger G3LDI.
Rob GM3YTS and Gav GM0GAV head off back up to Scotland after the 2015 FOC Dinner.
Malcolm G3PDH, Dave G3RXP and Roger G3LDI.
The 2015 FOC Dinner was a great success with everyone enjoying a fun evening at an excellent venue. Roger G3LDI, Malcolm G3PDH, Derek G3PQD and Dave G3RXP.
Committee after the AGM : Rob GM3YTS, Don G3XTT, Joe DL4CF, Iain M0PCB, Roger G3SXW and Nick G3RWF. The misty sunrise in Milton Keynes on the Sunday morning following the 2015 FOC Dinner.
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