FOC Dinner - Guildford - Saturday, 21 October 2017 and Sunday Coffee Morning at G3TXF
The FOC Committee at the 2017 AGM : Don G3XTT (Treasurer), Bob MD0CCE (President), Ray G4FON, Fred G4BWP (Chairman), Iain M0PCB, Joe DL4CF and Michael G7VJR (Secretary).
Michael G7VJR (Secretary) addresses the well-attended 2017 FOC AGM held at the Holiday Inn in Guildford, Surrey.
FOC democracy at work .... "all in favour ... say AYE ...!"
The 2017 FOC Dinner was held in the appropriately named "Club Suite" at the Holiday Inn hotel in Guildford.
FOC Treasurer Don G3XTT seems happy with the state of the Club's finances. Joe DL4CF wins the magnificent raffle prize : a Begali Intrepid paddle. Fred G4BWP reads out the background to this year's FOC awards.
Kjell SM5CCE, Mark W4CK and Mick G3LIK. Mick G3LIK reminded us all that 21 October is "Trafalgar Day".
Table place names, complete with menu choice.
Bob MD0CCE (President) presents Roger G3SXW with his Honoured Member of FOC award.
John G4IRN, Clive GM3POI, Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) in discussions with Graham G4FNL.
Judy and Rupert G4XRV.
Bob MD0CCE and Roger G0SWC (GDRS President)
Iris and Pete G8VG.
Tony G6GLP, Don G3XTT and Andy G3AB.
Rich G4FAD, Lyn, Mike G4RMV, Terry GM3WUX and Mary G0BQV.
Derek G3PQD, Bob G4HZV, Maureen and Mike G0EFO.
Doc ON4IZ, Mia, Rich G4FAD and Lyn.
Tony G6GLP and Sue.
Fred G3YJQ and James G4ILW.
Dean G4WQI, Georg DK7LX and Phil G3SWH.
Colin G3VTT, Sue and Andrew G0IBN.
Arlene, Tony G2NF and Anneliese / G3TXF.
Judy wins the Ladies' Prize : presented by Roger G0SWC.
Roger G3SXW shows his Honoured Member plaque to F5VHY.
The Begali Intrepid paddle draw prize.
Clive GM3POI and John G4IRN.
Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) and Graham G4FNL.
Visitors from Germany : Georg DK7LX and Joe DL4CF.
Pete W1UU pours out the last drop for Ron G3KTZ, while Bob G4HZV, Mark W4CK and Colin G3VTT look on.
Michael G7VJR and Lars LB2TB.
Pete G8VG Guests : David and Jean Precious.
Ron G3KTZ and Ken G0ORH.
Sunday Coffee Morning at G3TXF
Outside the G3TXF QSL Archives
Mark W4CK finds several of his own QSLs filed away in the "Tennessee" section of the G3TXF QSL Archives.
Phil G3SWH, Nigel G3TXF, Dennis F5VHY, Georg DK7LX, Bob MD0CCE, Joe DL4CF and Andy G3AB in the QSL Archives. Terry GM3WUX makes some QSOs at the G3TXF station.
Phil G3SWH, Georg DK7LX, James G4ILW, Joe DL4CF and Andy G3AB in the garden at the G3TXF QTH. In the QSL Archives : Andy G3AB, Georg DK7LX, Iain M0PCB, James G4ILW, Joe DL4CF, Mark W4CK, Bob MD0CCE, Kjell SM5CCE, Phil G3SWH, Dennis F5VHY and Andrew G0IBN.
Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) shows the '73' which by chance is in his French number plate from Dept 47..... .. and also, by chance, that morning G3TXF sends Fabian DJ1YFK serial number "161" in the WAG Contest.
Coffee and numerous home-made cakes for visiting FOCers courtesy of Anneliese xyl-G3TXF !
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