FOC Annual Dinner - 80th Anniversary - Girton College, Cambridge - Sep 2018
The 2018 (80th Anniversary) FOC Dinner was held in the Hall at Girton College, Cambridge.
An immaculate and grand venue for the 2018 FOC Dinner.
Bottles of Girton College white and house red.
Michael G7VJR chief organiser of the 2018 FOC Dinner at Girton College. The new FOC President Andy G3AB receives his chain from Fred G4BWP. Master of Ceremonies Bob GU4YOX presents a prize to Sarita, xyl G4DJX.
As well as FOC Committee members (G4FON, G4BWP, G7VJR, M0PCB, G0PNM, DL4CF, new FOC President Andy G3AB), the top table also included guests : RSGB General Manager Steve M1ACB, Martin G3ZAY (G6UW) and Dom M0BLF (G6UW).
Rob GM3YTS and Sheree step up to be awarded FOC Vice Presidency and Honorary Vice-Presidency. The Cambridge University Wireless (G6UW) power-house : Dom M0BLF, Martin G3ZAY and Michael G7VJR.
FOC Dinner guests.
Bruce K6ZB and Dick K4XU.
Janet, John G4IRN and Anneliese.
Ray G4FON at the podium.
Girton College is labyrinthine.
Ray G4FON presents award to Riki K7NJ.
New FOC President : Andy G3AB.
Michael G7VJR relaxing after the 2018 FOC 80th Anniversary Weekend.
Iris and Pete Windle G8VG.
FOC Chairman Fred G4BWP presents award to Iain M0PCB.
FOC Annual General Meeting 2018
The well attended 2018 FOC AGM.
Carlo IK0YGJ speaks to the FOC AGM.
Terry GM3WUX announces RNIB's 150th anniversary operation : GR150NIB.
Tony G2NF speaks at the FOC AGM.
Andy G3AB and Richard K5NA.
Roger G3LDI and Malcolm G3PDH.
Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) and Ragnar LA5HE
Dick GU4CHY, Georg DK7LX and Sabine.
Colin G3VTT and Mark W4CK.
Mark W4CK's special FOC tee-shirt.
"CQ DL" ... Frank DL2CC, Axel DL6KVA and Joe DL4CF.
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