FOC Dinner - Greenwich Yacht Club - Saturday, 2 October 2010
Roger G3SXW addresses AGM (note the boats outside window!). FOC President Bob G3PJT chairs the lively first-ever FOC AGM.
Rag LA5HE at the nicely equipped (K3 + Quadra) station: G4FOC. Just over 60 sat down for the 2010 FOC Dinner in Greenwich.
Gerald G3MCK gets up to speak at the FOC Dinner. Fraser G4BJM collects an FOC Marathon award from Bob G3PJT.
Colin G3VTT collects a trophy from Bob G3PJT for winning the QRP Restricted Section in the 2010 FOC Marathon. Mick G3LIK receives the FOC Worked All States Award plaque for all 50 states (only the second European to achieve it).
Bob W6RGG attends his 20th consecutive FOC Dinner. Chris G4BUE wins prize Begali paddle donated by Daniel 4X1FC.
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