FOC Florida Dinner - Orlando - Saturday, 5 December 2015
FOC Florida: Nigel G3TXF meets Tom K3TW (whom G3TXF first met nearly 50 years ago while on a student exchange visit to the USA!) Vic W9RGB who helped organise the successful FOC Florida Dinner with Chris G4BUE (N4CJ).
Mick G3LIK operating the Florida Dinner station W4FOC : Elecraft K3 with the neat and highly useful P3 panadaptor. Del W8KJP displays just a few of his large collection of CW keys.
Watching for FOC activity on Fabian DJ1YFK's RBN. Brenda and Dave W4CI.
In the well-appointed W4FOC shack : Norm W1MO, John K4WJ, Dick K5TF and Mick G3LIK. Holiday Inn, Orlando International Airport venue for the FOC Florida meeting.
Musical jam-session lead by David W4CI : l-r : Bernie K1SA, Lee W4EDE, Bryan AF4K and David W4CI. Dick K5TF with his album of historic QSLs.
Becky and Jim K4AHO, John K9QVB and Joyce. Norm W1MO, Allison, Mick G3LIK and Nancy.
Alan W4MQC and Wes (KC4YDP brother-in-law). Bonnie WB4FSF reviews the raffle prizes.
The venue was located next to Orlando airport and a plane is seen passing right over W4FOC's simple long-wire antenna! Del W8KJP and Lee W4EDE with part of Del's large collection of CW keys.
Riki K7NJ 4X4NJ and Jerry KC4YDP. Tom K3TW with Mary Ann (xyl N3RS) and Sig N3RS.
Dave W1DV, Lee W4EDE, Bernie K1SA and Marlene. XYL chatter time following the Florida FOC Dinner.
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