FOC Lunch Party - Chez G3TXF - Sunday, 4 October 2009
FOC Dinner
"...and the sparks off my 160m antenna insulators were about this long" . John G4IRN, Clive GM3POI and Ian G3WVG. Jan, Phil G3SWH and Nick G3RWF.
John G3JVC and Eric K3NA discuss remote receive antennas. "Look at this DX-spot for FT5GA on my mobile phone" Joe K2VUI, Chris G4BUE and June M0BUE.
Marianne admires the food buffet for the FOC Lunch Party. Dennis F5VHY, Jenny (XYL Joe K2VUI), Bo F5VCT and Marianne taking lunch on the patio.
Luckily the sun was shining, although it was a bit chilly outside. But the rain stayed off for the FOC Lunch Party chez G3TXF. Newly installed FOC President Bob G3PJT looks up and wonders what on earth a 2m vertical antenna is doing on the roof at G3TXF.
Daniel 4X1FC, Joop P43JB and Nigel following a brief visit to the G3TXF QSL Collection. Nick G3RWF, Liz (XYL G3YXX), David G3YXX and Bill VE3BF (ex G3TIF) at lunch.
Kitchen staff and bar helpers : Elizabeth and Alistair. Bob G3PJT, Rosemary and Olof G0CKV. Anneliese - mastermind behind all the food and drink at the FOC Sunday Lunch.
Justin G4TSH tucks in at the October 2009 FOC Lunch Party. "Did I tell who I had on board last week?" Nigel G0VDZ chats to Kim and Ian G3WVG.
Colin G3VTT, Alison, Marguerite, Anne, Pete GW3KDB and Chris G4BUE. Ian G3WVG, Nigel G3TXF with Lionel G5LP collecting an FH/G3TXF 12m QSL from February 2000.
Roundtable : Marguerite, Anne, Judy, Rupert G4XRV, Jan, Rosemary and Yvonne. Yvonne, Joop P43JB, Alison XYL G3LIK, Penny, Ray G3KOJ
Colin G3VTT and Nigel G3TXF. Nigel G0VDZ demonstrates a new compact HF beam antenna. George G3NOH makes notes in between taking photos.
Attendees at the Sunday Lunch Party : Daniel 4X1FC, Joe DL4CF, Bo F5VCT, Marianne, Dennis F5VHY, Anne, Mike G3IAF, John G3JVC, Pete GW3KDB, Marguerite, Ray G3KOJ, Penny, Ron G3KTZ, Mick G3LIK, Alison, George G3NOH, Bob G3PJT, Rosemary, Clive GM3POI, Nick G3RWF, Chris G3SJJ, Yvonne, Phil G3SWH, Jan, Nigel G3TXF, Anneliese, Elizabeth, Alistair, Colin G3VTT, Ian G3WVG, Kim, David G3YXX, Liz, Richard G3ZGC, Valerie, Chris G4BUE, June M0BUE, Ray G4FON, Bob G4HZV, John G4IRN, Janet, Justin G4TSH, Rupert G4XRV, Judy, Lionel G5LP, Jan, Olof G0CKV, Nigel G0VDZ, Joe K2VUI, Jenny, Eric K3NA, Joop P43JB, Yvonne and Bill VE6BF.
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