Final farewell and 73 to Neville G3NUG : Totnes, Devon - 25 January 2018

The aptly named Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes, was the location of the farewell party for "Five Star" DX-peditioner Neville G3NUG.
Neville G3NUG organised and led many major "Five-Star" large scale DX-peditions starting with 9M0C from Spratly in 1998.
Justin G4TSH lightens the mood of the congregation by wearing a Comoros D68C "Five-Star" 2001 DX-pedition tee-shirt.
There were about twenty-four UK Radio Amateurs present at the final farewell party to Neville G3NUG in Totnes, South Devon. Attendees included Chris G0DWV, Tony G2NF, Don G3BJ, Derek G3LHJ, Brian G3LUW, Chris G3NHL, Nick G3RWF, Mike G3SED, Ken G3SNU, Chris G3SVL, Nigel G3TXF, Gordon G3USR, David G3WGN, John G3WGV, Paul G3WYW, Ian G3YBY, Martin G4GMW, Hilary G4JKS, Tony G4LDL, Justin G4TSH, David G5HY, Tony G6GLP, Shaun M0BJL and Bob MD0CCE.
In addition there were nine XYLs present : Sandra/G3NHL, Marcia/G3SED, Jenny/G3SVL, Julie/G3USR, Robin/G3WGN, Pauline/G3WYW, Janet/G3YBY, Sue/G6GLP and Ann/MD0CCE.
Glasses raised even in sombre mood : This photo includes Hilary G4JKS, Don G3BJ, Ian G3YBY, David G3WGN, Chris G0DWV, Mike G3SED, Tony G4LDL, Chris G3SVL and Glyn GW0ANA.

CDXC Chairman Chris G3SVL passed on to Neville G3NUG's XYL Trish over 100 messages of condolence from CDXC Members and FSDXA Members
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